President Obama Pledges to Help Communities Prepare for Climate Change, Reduce U.S. Emissions

Image: White House/Pete Souza

In the speech, Obama outlined a series of actions that would enable the U.S. to meet its announced goal of reducing heat-trapping emissions 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020, and steps that will better help communities prepare for the growing impacts of climate change.

Proposed actions include the development and finalization of EPA standards that set limits on carbon emissions for both new and existing power plants, improved energy efficiency standards for buildings and appliances, and increased deployment of renewable energy.

For more on Obama's climate action plan, as well as resources relevant to elements of his speech, please see below.

UCS Responds to Obama's Speech

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From the White House: The President's Climate Action Plan

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Ramping Up Renewable Energy

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Reducing Coal Use

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As many as 353 coal-fired power generators in 31 states — representing up to 59 GW of power capacity — are no longer economically viable compared with cleaner, more affordable energy sources.

Reducing Oil Use

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The Many Benefits of Half the Oil
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Protecting Our Health and Environment

Steps the EPA Must Take to Reduce Global Warming Emissions
The president is ensuring that the EPA fulfills its legal obligation to protect our health and environment from the consequences of a warming world by reducing carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act.

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