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2012 Releases

12/14/2012 Early Draft of International Climate Science Report Posted Online
12/10/2012 Negotiators Fail to Deliver at Doha Climate Summit
11/26/2012 UCS Predicts “Three Ring Circus” At Climate Negotiations in Doha
11/21/2012 Third Report Warns that Leaders' Lack of Action Is Locking In Worst Consequences of Climate Change
11/14/2012 Organic Dairy Farms Benefit Farmers and Local Economies, Report Finds
11/13/2012 California Set to Roll Out Historic Cap-and-Trade Program to Address Climate Change
11/13/2012 New National Economic Study Shows Hundreds of Old Coal Generators Are Candidates for Closure
11/6/2012 Proposal 3: More than 1.5 Million in Michigan Vote Yes on Renewable Energy
11/1/2012 More Than 200 Academic, Professional Experts Support 25 Percent Renewable Energy for Michigan
10/30/2012 Hurricane Sandy Underscores Climate Change Threat to Coasts
10/19/2012 Nuclear Regulatory Commission has Failed to Adequately Address Flood Risks at Nuclear Plants from Dam Failures, Report Finds
10/11/2012 Florida Scientists and Local Government Officials Urge Presidential Candidates to Address Sea Level Rise
10/11/2012 U.S. Biomass Has Huge Potential for Renewable Energy
10/1/2012 House Plays Politics While Farm Bill Expires
9/21/2012 Science Group Calls on News Corp. to Improve Climate Science Content
9/13/2012 New Analysis Shows Detroit Edison and Consumers Energy Spent More Than $1 Billion in 2010 to Import Coal
9/13/2012 Seabrook Owner Must Conduct Tests Assessing Potential Concrete Damage in Containment Buildings, Nuclear Safety Groups Say
9/11/2012 National Research Council Report Calls for Expanding Ground-Based Missile Defense, but Concedes System Can Be Fooled by Decoys
9/4/2012 Report Offers Solutions to Expand Sustainable Tropical Wood Production
8/28/2012 Historic Fuel Efficiency and Auto Pollution Standards Finalized
7/19/2012 Science Group Sponsors Annual Farmers Market at State Capitol
7/3/2012 UCS Ads Show Monsanto is Failing to Improve Agriculture
6/5/2012 Monsanto’s “DroughtGard” Corn Barely a Drop in the Bucket
4/26/2012 No Need to Build Proposed Nuclear Weapons Facility Now, Report Finds
4/24/2012 Report Finds U.S. Crop Insurance, Credit Programs Harm Fruit and Vegetable Growers; Encourage Commodities for Unhealthy Food
3/23/2012 Judge Rules FDA Must Act to Protect Americans from Overuse of Antibiotics in Livestock
3/7/2012 Farm Bill Offers Opportunity to Correct the Current Unsustainable Food System
3/5/2012 Union of Concerned Scientists Names Ricardo Salvador Director of Food and Environment Program
2/29/2012 USDA Documents Success Stories and Resources Available to Local Farmers
2/7/2012 Union of Concerned Scientists Gives Monsanto an ‘F’ in Sustainable Agriculture
1/26/2012 Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future Slated to Release Final Report on Commercial Nuclear Waste this Afternoon