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2015 Releases

12/17/2015 Starbucks’ Deforestation-Free Pledge is Woefully Inadequate, Coalition Says
12/16/2015 Omnibus Government Funding Bills Mostly Free of Dangerous Riders
12/16/2015 UCS Praises Incentives for Wind and Solar in Spending Package
12/15/2015 EPA Trends and Compliance Reports Show Importance of Strong Fuel Efficiency Standards
12/12/2015 Global Action on Historic Climate Change Agreement Expected in Paris
12/10/2015 Revised Agreement Released Tonight at the Paris Climate Talks
12/9/2015 Statement by Alden Meyer on Revised Negotiating Text Released Today at the Climate Talks in Paris
12/9/2015 Statement by Alden Meyer on Secretary Kerry's Announcement Today on Climate Adaptation Aid
12/8/2015 El Alimento es Importante: Nueva Campaña y Video Eleva al Sistema Alimentario Como Tema Para la Campaña Electoral
12/8/2015 Food Matters: New Campaign, Video Elevate Food to the Ballot Box
12/6/2015 Top U.S. Experts to Presidential Candidates: Make Clean Energy Pledge
12/3/2015 House Advances Special Interest Energy Policy
12/1/2015 House Votes to Sabotage Paris Climate Agreement
11/25/2015 New Study Shows Climate Risks of Industry’s Fossil Fuel Reserves and Further Exploration
11/24/2015 Paris Agreement Expected to Set Framework for Climate Change Progress
11/18/2015 Senate Passes Legislation in Misguided Attempt to Undermine Clean Power Plan
11/17/2015 Science Group Unveils Screening Tool to Identify “Climate Equity Hotspots”
11/11/2015 New Research Shows Electric Cars 50 Percent Cleaner Compared to Gasoline Over Their Lifetime
11/10/2015 Land-Sector Emission Reduction Targets of Brazil, Indonesia, and India Fall Short of Democratic Republic of the Congo’s
11/6/2015 Costs Outweigh Benefits of Obama Plan to Replace Nuclear Stockpile, Study Finds
11/6/2015 In Show of Climate Leadership, President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline
11/5/2015 Study Finds USDA Woefully Underfunding Research Needed to Spur Better Farming Practices
10/30/2015 Global Climate Ambition Increasing, but More is Needed
10/27/2015 Anne Kapuscinski New Union of Concerned Scientists Board Chair
10/27/2015 Power Plants and Electric Substations at Risk of Outages from Storm Surge
10/23/2015 Despite Uneven Progress in Bonn, A Strong Paris Climate Agreement Is Still Achievable
10/19/2015 New Research Shows Americans Want Better Food Policy
10/15/2015 UCS Skeptical of Oil and Gas Industry's Prescription for Addressing Climate Change
10/14/2015 Illegal Wood Imports to U.S. Have Declined, Science Group Finds
10/8/2015 Gambling With Natural Gas: Will Your State Play Its Cards Right?
10/7/2015 California Governor Signs New Clean Energy Law
10/1/2015 New EPA Ozone Standard Overdue – But Could Have Gone Further to Protect the Public
10/1/2015 New Survey Shows More Progress Needed on Protecting Scientific Integrity at Federal Agencies
9/30/2015 U.S. States Bring Electric Vehicle Leadership to the World Stage
9/25/2015 Joint US-China Climate Announcement a Game Changer
9/16/2015 William Borucki, Principal Investigator for NASA’s Kepler Mission, Will Give Portion of Shaw Prize Funds to Union of Concerned Scientists
9/12/2015 California Legislature Strengthens State’s Clean Energy Laws
9/10/2015 New Report Provides Roadmap for Implementing California’s Historic Groundwater Law
9/9/2015 UCS Report Analyzes Emission Reduction Targets of Canada, China, Ethiopia, Morocco
9/3/2015 Clorox Company’s New Palm Oil Commitment is a Step Forward
8/31/2015 Scientists and Economists Urge California Legislators to Pass Climate Leadership Bills
8/28/2015 NRC Rejects Recommendation to Require Nuclear Plant Owners to Establish Plans to Address a Core-Melt Accident
8/20/2015 DOE Study Concludes MOX Facility More Expensive, Much Riskier than Disposing of Surplus Plutonium at New Mexico Repository
8/13/2015 New Analysis Finds 31 States Will Be More Than Halfway Toward Meeting Their 2022 Clean Power Plan Goals
8/10/2015 Global Warming Emissions Linked to Worsening Heat Waves in California’s Central Valley, New Peer-Reviewed Paper Finds
8/10/2015 Seed Diversity Critical for Agriculture’s Future but Inadequate Funding Threatens Potential
8/7/2015 Shell to Leave ALEC
8/6/2015 Carbon Market Funding for Reducing Deforestation: Big Debate, Small Potatoes
8/4/2015 Reporters See Barriers to Science Information at Federal Agencies
8/3/2015 Obama Administration Issues “Strong and Smart” Final Clean Power Plan—Biggest U.S. Carbon Emission Reduction Measure in History
7/31/2015 Energy Bill Modest Step Forward for Clean Energy, but Falls Short of What’s Necessary
7/28/2015 FDA Listens to the Science, Proposes Daily Value for Added Sugars
7/27/2015 Avon’s Palm Oil Promise Advances Environmental Stewardship Commitment
7/15/2015 As Congress Considers Chemical Safety, Chemical Industry Spends Millions to Distort the Debate
7/14/2015 Iran Nuclear Deal a Major Step Forward for Nonproliferation
7/8/2015 Former Exxon Employee Says Company Considered Climate Risks as Early as 1981
7/1/2015 Nofs' Energy Legislation Should Complement, Not Repeal, Renewable and Efficiency Standards
7/1/2015 Whitfield Cites Debunked Clean Power Plan Electric Prices Study
6/30/2015 China Releases Emissions Reduction Proposal
6/29/2015 Agroecology Practices Critical to Sustainable Agriculture, but Lack Funding
6/26/2015 USSC Mercury and Toxic Air Pollutants Decision Loss for Americans
6/25/2015 Wendy’s Position on Palm Oil More Hype Than Action
6/24/2015 Costs of Inaction Should Be Focus of House Education and Workforce Committee Hearing
6/18/2015 Proposed Truck Efficiency and Global Warming Standards Promise Big Savings from Big Rigs
6/18/2015 School Nutrition Waivers and Funding Restrictions in House Spending Bill Harms Children’s Health
6/18/2015 National Research Council Study Points to Success of Auto Standards
6/12/2015 Explosive Growth of Fracking Puts Pressure on Communities – How Can Local Governments Respond?
6/11/2015 Countries Start to Engage on Paris Package, but Need to Pick Up Pace
6/3/2015 California Senate Passes Historic Legislation to Tackle Climate Change
6/2/2015 Most States on Track to Meet Clean Power Plan 2020 Benchmarks
6/2/2015 UCS Report Analyzes U.S., E.U. and Mexico Emission Reduction Targets
5/26/2015 Texas Rains in Keeping with Climate Change
5/26/2015 Science Leaders Decry Congressional Attacks on Science-Based Policy
5/22/2015 EIA Analysis Shows EPA Power Plant Rules Affordable, Renewables Make Big Contribution
5/20/2015 UCS Urges House to Vote No on Clean Power Plan "Opt-Out" Bill
5/20/2015 From Small Cars to Pickup Trucks, Automakers Aren’t Just Meeting Efficiency Standards, They’re Exceeding Them
5/19/2015 California Governor and International Government Leaders Sign Ambitious Climate Agreement
5/14/2015 NRC Rebuffs Cyberterrorism Concerns at Energy Department’s Troubled South Carolina Plutonium Fuel Plant
4/29/2015 California Governor Sets Most Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target in North America
4/28/2015 “Secret Science” Bill Pushed Through Senate Committee Is Bad Policy
4/23/2015 Democrats’ Proposal to Strengthen Michigan’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Standards Is an Important Step Forward, but State Could Go Further with Renewables
4/22/2015 Energy Dept. Withholds MOX Report; Summary Reveals Major Cost Estimate Increases
4/22/2015 Energy Dept. Expected to Release Report on Troubled Mixed Oxide Nuclear Fuel Program
4/22/2015 U.S. Science Group Urges President Obama: Use Upcoming U.N. Nuclear Weapons Conference to End “Hair-Trigger” Nuclear Weapons Alert
4/21/2015 McDonald’s Pledges to Eliminate Deforestation from Supply Chain
4/15/2015 Study Finds Clean Jobs Bill Would Spur $23 Billion in New Clean Energy Investment, Drive Down Residential Bills
4/6/2015 California's Water Sector Could Benefit From Clean Energy Investments
4/2/2015 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Take Steps to Reduce Deforestation
4/2/2015 California Governor Orders Unprecedented Statewide Water Restrictions Due To Historically Low Snowpack
4/1/2015 USDA Announces Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Grants
4/1/2015 Science Group Issues 2015 Scorecard of Iconic Brands Contributing to Deforestation
3/27/2015 U.S. Emission Reduction Pledge Ambitious in Light of Washington Politics
3/25/2015 EPA Report Good News for Climate and Consumers, Shows Success of Auto Standards
3/23/2015 BP Leaves ALEC
3/23/2015 Union Of Concerned Scientists Congratulates White House Science Fair Participants
3/18/2015 House Passes Deceptive Bills Attacking Science
3/17/2015 Survey: Public Not Receiving Information It Needs Due to Agency Restrictions
3/13/2015 Michigan Governor Right to Prioritize Efficiency, Could Go Further on Renewables
3/12/2015 Science Group Voices Support as Governor Brown Signs Oregon Clean Fuels Bill
3/12/2015 Ban on Basic Science Terms Poses Potential Public Danger
3/10/2015 New Study Finds Strong Truck Standards Would Cut Oil Use And Offer Big Benefits For Consumers, Businesses And Climate
3/10/2015 Florida Residents, Businesses Vulnerable to Electricity Price Spikes
3/9/2015 Today's Rush to Natural Gas Could Mean Higher Energy Bills Tomorrow
3/6/2015 U.S. Nuclear Safety Improving, but NRC Withholding Safety Data and Punishing Whistleblowers, UCS Annual Review Finds
3/4/2015 Palm Oil Production Fueling Southeast Asia’s Haze Events
3/3/2015 Gov. Wolf Demonstrates Forward Thinking With Renewables, Energy Efficiency Investments
2/25/2015 Report Finds Taxpayer-Funded Healthy School Lunches Can Have Lasting Health and Economic Benefits
2/24/2015 Investors, Science Group Pressure Oil Companies to Disclose Climate Risks
2/24/2015 MN Clean Energy Bill Would Boost State Economy at Minimal Cost
2/19/2015 Sustainability Is Within DGAC Mandate and Necessary for Good Dietary Guidelines
2/13/2015 UCS Comments on Outcome of Climate Talks in Geneva
2/10/2015 Georgia’s Leadership On Electric Vehicles Delivers Huge Benefits To Drivers
2/9/2015 Fossil Fuel Future Continues Under Upton's Energy Plan
1/29/2015 Executive Order to Strengthen Flood Risk Standard Smart Move
1/28/2015 UCS Supports Common Sense Virginia Coastal Protection Bill
1/28/2015 UCS Urges Senate to Adopt Climate Change Resiliency Amendment
1/27/2015 To Avoid Worst Consequences of Climate Change, Solutions Must Include Land Use Sector
1/26/2015 Northeast Blizzard: Nature + Climate Change = Worse
1/20/2015 Study Finds Producing 40 Percent of Power from Renewable Energy in Minnesota Would Spur $6 Billion in Clean Energy Investments and Boost Rural Economies
1/16/2015 2014 a Record Hot Year
1/13/2015 Energy Department Should Replace Costly Mixed Oxide Nuclear Fuel Program with Safer, Cheaper Alternatives, Report Finds
1/12/2015 House Bill Would Undermine Public Health and Environmental Protections
1/6/2015 Congress Shouldn’t Force Through the Keystone XL Pipeline – and President Obama Would Be Right to Veto It
1/5/2015 California Governor Announces New Goals to Substantially Lower Carbon Emissions by 2030