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2017 Releases

12/21/2017 Department of Interior Cancels Critical Study on Oil and Gas Operations
12/20/2017 Courts Should Decide How Fossil Fuel Companies Pay Their Fair Share for Outsized Contribution to Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather Events, Says Science Group
12/20/2017 Congress Passes Tax Bill that Threatens Americans' Health and Well-being
12/19/2017 Nine States Embrace Clean Energy by Collectively Capping Power Plant Emissions Through 2030
12/13/2017 Dourson’s Withdrawal a Victory for Science, Health
12/12/2017 President Just Signed Bill That Says Climate Change a National Security Risk, But Does He Know That?
12/12/2017 ExxonMobil’s Pledge to Disclose Climate Risks Significant, But Short on Details
12/8/2017 USDA’s Pledge to Allow Food Stamp “Flexibilities” for States Could Open Door to Misguided Eligibility Requirements, Says Science Group
12/7/2017 Pruitt Mentions Red Team, Blue Team Timeline in Congressional Testimony Today
12/6/2017 Automakers' Intransigence Has Blocked Progress
12/1/2017 Senate Passes Tax Cut Bill That Threatens Public Health and Clean Energy
11/30/2017 Pruitt’s RFS Decision Defies Science, Undercuts Development of New Fuels
11/28/2017 In Cities Across the Country, Driving Electric Is Cheaper Than Gasoline
11/28/2017 More Than 300 Scientists Tell Congress: We Reject Trump’s CEQ Nominee
11/22/2017 Plugging in Your Car Is Cheaper Than Pumping Gas in California’s Largest Cities
11/21/2017 Federal Government Should Release Agency Opinions About Safety of Power Plant Water Rule
11/17/2017 The Road to Katowice: Increasing Global Ambition, Political Will on Climate Change Action
11/17/2017 US House, Senate Committee Tax Bills Threatens the Health and Well Being of Americans and Undercuts Investments in Science
11/15/2017 Congress Should Pass Bill Establishing Policy that US Will Not Use Nuclear Weapons First
11/14/2017 House Flood Insurance Bill Will Fail to Protect People and Property
11/14/2017 Senate Committee Hearing on Presidential Nuclear Strike Authority
11/14/2017 Statements from COP23 Press Conference on Climate Impacts, Attributing Damages to Top Fossil Fuel Producers
11/13/2017 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Governors Announce New Collaboration to Reduce Transportation Emissions
11/9/2017 House Tax Bill Fails to Preserve Electric Vehicle Incentives—Senate Must Protect Them
11/9/2017 EPA Rollback of Glider Truck Rule Puts Health, Lives at Risk for a Single Company’s Gain
11/7/2017 Local Management Plans May Not Protect California Groundwater from Climate Change Risk
11/7/2017 Syria to Join Paris Agreement, Leaving Trump in Isolation on Climate Change Inaction
11/3/2017 National Climate Assessment Moves Through Scientific Process to Diagnose U.S. Climate Change Ills
11/2/2017 Chairman Smith’s Retirement an Opportunity to Put Science Committee Back on Track
11/2/2017 Cuts to Electric Vehicle and Clean Energy Tax Credits Will Undermine Growing Industries, Take Us Backward on Climate
11/2/2017 Sam Clovis’s Withdrawal from USDA Chief Scientist Post Victory for Farmers, Consumers and Fact-Based Governance
10/31/2017 US Solar Industry, Jobs Still at Risk Following International Trade Commission Decision
10/31/2017 Purported Clovis-Russia Ties Should Be “Final Nail in the Coffin” for USDA Chief Scientist Nominee, Says Science Group
10/31/2017 Pruitt Actions on EPA Advisory Board Undermine Independent Science, Put Americans at Risk
10/27/2017 Court Ruling Blocks Trailer Rule, Weakening a Critical Tool to Fight Climate Change
10/25/2017 New California Groundwater Sustainability Guide Bridges Gap Between Technical Experts and Community Members
10/25/2017 Proposed Policy Change at DOI Would Fail to Protect National Lands, Parks from Climate Impacts
10/24/2017 UCS Senior Scientist Wins American Physical Society’s Leo Szilard Lectureship Award
10/23/2017 Science Group Praises New Bill to Defend Environmental Justice
10/20/2017 Removing Climate Change Resources from EPA Website ‘Offensive and Dangerous,’ Science Group Says
10/20/2017 The Disinformation Playbook: New Website Exposes Tactics of Attacks on Science
10/20/2017 In New PSA, Former Player Exposes NFL’s Efforts to Sideline Science
10/18/2017 Analysis Finds More Renewables Are New Mexico’s Cleaner and Cheaper Choice
10/13/2017 Hartnett-White Would Put Environment, Public Health on Dangerous Footing
10/11/2017 New House Bill Puts Clean Car Progress at Risk
10/9/2017 Clean Power Plan Repeal Will Not Bring Back Coal: White House Puts Ideology Over Science and Law
10/5/2017 Senate Self-Driving Vehicle Bill Risks Unintended Consequences, Lacks Safeguards
10/4/2017 New Farm Bill Proposal Will Create Local Jobs, Boost Midsize Farms’ Sales and Increase Access to Healthy Food
10/4/2017 New Analysis Finds About 20 Percent of US Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Comes from Uneconomic Plants
10/2/2017 Vice President Pence Touts “Success” in Gutting Public Health and Safety Protections
9/28/2017 White House Must Extend New START Arms Control Treaty with Russia
9/27/2017 Diplomacy, Not Overheated Rhetoric, is the Best Way to Engage North Korea
9/27/2017 U.S. House to Vote on Flawed Private Flood Insurance Legislation
9/20/2017 Oakland and San Francisco Lawsuits to Hold Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable for Their Contributions to Sea Level Rise a 'Bold and Necessary Step to Protect Their Communities,' Says Science Group
9/16/2017 Clean Energy Bill Failure a Disappointment
9/14/2017 U.S. House to Vote on Funding Anti-Science, Anti-Safety Legislation
9/7/2017 Study Finds Top Fossil Fuel Producers’ Emissions Responsible for as Much as Half of Global Surface Temperature Increase, Roughly 30 Percent of Global Sea Level Rise
9/5/2017 Withdrawal of DACA Protections an Unacceptable Broken Promise to Young People
9/5/2017 Administration Pushes to Weaken Vehicle Standards, Even as They Save Consumers Billions
8/24/2017 DOE Grid Study Correctly Shows Wind, Solar Not a Threat to Electricity Reliability
8/23/2017 Nine States Embrace Clean Energy by Collectively Capping Power Plant Emissions Through 2030
8/23/2017 Science Group Applauds Senators Schumer and Schatz For Taking Stand Against Non-Scientist Nominee for USDA Chief Scientist Post
8/17/2017 US Should Initiate Direct Talks with North Korea and Postpone or Restructure Next Week’s US-South Korean Joint Military Exercises
8/16/2017 Signs Point to Growing Environmental Crisis in Brazil
8/16/2017 Newly Released Documents Reveal Energy Department Wasting Hundreds of Millions on Flawed Nuclear Technology
8/15/2017 Anticipated Trump Executive Order Places Infrastructure in Flood’s Way
8/13/2017 Science Group Condemns Racist Violence in Virginia
8/11/2017 As Massachusetts Unveils New Climate Rules, More Progress Needed on Transportation Emissions
8/10/2017 Defying Science and Public Interest, EPA Opens Door to Gutting Successful Vehicle Standards
8/10/2017 Trump’s Threat of US Military Action Against North Korea ‘Irresponsible and Dangerous,’ Science Group Says
8/9/2017 Study Finds That Boosting Soil’s Sponge-Like Qualities Would Help Farmers, Communities Combat Floods and Droughts
8/8/2017 The Trump Administration Must Not Delay or Misrepresent Climate Science Report
8/2/2017 Leaked EPA Document Does Not Absolve EPA Administrator of Spreading Falsehoods
7/28/2017 North Korean ICBM Appears Able to Reach Major US Cities
7/27/2017 Los Angeles Metro’s Decision to Electrify Bus Fleet Is a Good Move
7/25/2017 Congress Should Pass Bill Reversing Pruitt Decision on Dangerous Pesticide
7/20/2017 Trump Administration Sidelines Science in Its First Six Months in Office
7/20/2017 President Trump Illegally Nominates Non-Scientist to Lead Science at the USDA
7/19/2017 Self-Driving Vehicle Bill Marks an Important Step for Emerging Technology, But May Stall State Efforts to Answer Critical Questions
7/18/2017 U.S. House’s Dangerous Budget Cuts to Science, Technology and the EPA Would Devastate Nation’s Science Innovation, Public Health
7/18/2017 Union of Concerned Scientists Applauds Passage of California's AB 398 and AB 617
7/14/2017 Polluters Will Pay and Communities Will Benefit Under AB 398 and AB 617
7/12/2017 Breaking Antarctic Ice Shelf Could Portend Higher than Expected, Longer Term Contribution to Global Sea Level Rise
7/11/2017 Published Study Identifies When Hundreds of Coastal Communities Will Face Inundation, Possible Retreat
7/11/2017 Un estudio publicado identifica posibles fechas en que cientos de comunidades costeras sufrirán inundaciones frecuentes, y el posible desplazamiento de su población
6/30/2017 EPA to Launch Program Critiquing Climate Science
6/26/2017 San Joaquin Valley Residents Invited to Free Groundwater Workshop
6/26/2017 RBI’s Deforestation Continues Despite Newly Released Sustainability Framework
6/20/2017 Pruitt Suspends Work of Science Board, Undercutting Vital EPA Research
6/19/2017 DOE Secretary Perry Dismisses Science, Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Climate
6/12/2017 In Rebuke to Trump and Pruitt, Other G7 Environment Ministers Signal Full Speed Ahead on Climate, Paris Agreement
6/7/2017 In a Quietly Powerful Job, Rao’s Views Could Put Americans at Risk
6/5/2017 Top Boston Firm Foley Hoag Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of UCS
6/5/2017 US Government, Business, Education Leaders Move Forward on Climate Action without Pres. Trump
6/1/2017 Trump Vows to Withdraw From Paris Agreement, Other Nations Press Ahead Without US
5/31/2017 Cleaner Than Ever: Latest Numbers Show Electric Vehicle Advantage Is Growing
5/31/2017 ExxonMobil Shareholders Approve Climate Risk Proposal By Majority Vote
5/27/2017 President Trump Waffling on Climate Change Creates Divide Between US, Allies
5/25/2017 U.S. Nuclear Regulators Greatly Underestimate Potential for Nuclear Disaster
5/25/2017 Science Group Offers Reaction to Nomination Hearing for FERC Appointments
5/25/2017 Senate Bill Would Roll Back Vehicle Efficiency Standards, Hurting Consumers and Climate
5/23/2017 Trump Administration FY2018 Budget Proposal to Terminate MOX Program a ‘Great Deal'
5/23/2017 Trump Budget Disregards Science, Puts Public Health, Innovation at Risk
5/13/2017 Science Group Believes USDA's Lead Scientist Should be…a Scientist
5/10/2017 Senate Defends Climate, Health by Voting Down Methane Resolution
5/9/2017 New Study Shows Diversified Crop Rotation System Could Be Adopted Widely Across Corn Belt And Increase Corn-Soy Yields While Slashing Soil Erosion and Water Pollution
5/3/2017 Trump Appoints Official Hostile to Clean Energy to Oversee Clean Energy Office
5/2/2017 Science Expected to Win Out in Latest Budget Battle, But Future Assaults Could be on the Horizon
4/28/2017 Trump EPA Web Page Removal Doesn't Change Climate Reality
4/26/2017 Science-based Public Health, Safety Protections Would Be Devastated By RAA
4/21/2017 Over 100 New York Scientists Urge NY Attorney General to Pursue ExxonMobil Investigation to the Fullest Extent of the Law
4/20/2017 New UCS Analysis Ranks State Progress Transitioning to Clean Energy
4/20/2017 El nuevo análisis de UCS clasifica el progreso de los estados en la transición hacia la energía limpia
4/19/2017 Weakening Methane Rule Would Come at Cost to Climate, Health
4/5/2017 Rosen’s Record Shows He’s the Wrong Choice for Transportation
4/4/2017 EPA Withheld Analysis of Major Legislation from Congress
3/28/2017 House Bills Would Undermine Science, Cripple Public Health and Safety Protections
3/28/2017 Anticipated Trump Executive Order Will Ignore Science on Climate Change, Endanger Americans
3/24/2017 California Air Resources Board Holds Steady on Clean-Car Standards
3/16/2017 White House Budget Slashes USDA Funding, May Cut Popular Conservation Programs
3/16/2017 “Skinny Budget” Disregards Science, Placing Communities at Risk
3/15/2017 Republican Climate Resolution Shows Climate Change is a Bipartisan Issue
3/15/2017 Despite Overwhelming Evidence of Success, Trump Administration Stalls EPA Vehicle Standards
3/4/2017 White House’s Proposed Cuts to NOAA Will Undermine Science and Weather Forecasting Vital for Businesses, Military and States
2/27/2017 Upcoming Survey Will Show Above-Average Snowpack in California
2/17/2017 Lawmakers Ignored Pruitt’s Record
2/13/2017 California’s Oroville Dam Crisis Illustrates Need to Plan for More Extreme Weather
2/13/2017 What Does the Self-Driving Vehicle Future Look Like?
2/9/2017 Trump Reportedly Calls New START ‘Bad Deal’ in Call with Putin
2/8/2017 Hasty Dakota Access Pipeline Approval Disrespects Community Needs, Scientific Process
2/7/2017 Science Group Lauds Resignation of ExxonMobil Citizenship Board Member, Move Signals Growing Concern About Company’s Attacks on Nonprofits
2/2/2017 Pruitt Passes Out of Senate Committee—Full Senate Must Reject Him
2/1/2017 Tillerson Receives Highest “No” Vote for Secretary of State, Science Group Expects Him To Uphold Paris Agreement, Recuse Himself from Exxon-Related Matters for Full Term
1/31/2017 Chao Must Continue Progress on Climate, Build Cleaner and Fairer Transportation System
1/30/2017 To Protect Climate, Senators Must Reject Resolution Overturning Methane Rules
1/30/2017 President Trump Signs Reckless Executive Order Requiring Agencies to Cut Two Rules for Every New One Issued
1/28/2017 President Trump’s Executive Order Targeting Muslims and Refugees Is Un-American and Inhumane  
1/25/2017 President Trump Can Attack Agency Science, But Can’t Delete Climate Change
1/24/2017 Trump Administration Moves to Muzzle Scientists, Block Research
1/19/2017 Secretary of Agriculture Pick is Quintessential Big Ag and Wrong Choice for Farmers, Workers and Eaters, Says Science Group
1/19/2017 Maine Scientists Tell Sens. Collins and King Pruitt “Unacceptable Choice”
1/18/2017 California Air Resources Board’s Review of Advanced Clean Cars Program Recommends Stronger Future Standards
1/18/2017 Science Group Offers Reaction to Perry’s Nomination Hearing for Energy Secretary Position
1/12/2017 EPA’s Determination on Vehicle Efficiency Will Ensure Continued Progress, Benefits
1/12/2017 Pruitt an “Unacceptable Choice,” Ohio Scientists Tell Sen. Portman
1/12/2017 Biden Announces Reduction in US Nuclear Stockpile, Expresses Support for No-First-Use Policy
1/11/2017 Pruitt an “Unacceptable Choice,” Tennessee Scientists Tell Sens. Alexander and Corker
1/11/2017 New House Bill Would Make Protecting Public Health and Safety Impossible
1/11/2017 Tillerson A Twisted Choice for Secretary of State and Future Leader of US Climate Action, Says Science Group
1/11/2017 Department of Energy Moves to Protect Science with Strong New Policy
1/6/2017 New National Park Service Report Gets Scientific, Historical Preservation Stamp of Approval
1/5/2017 Massachusetts Makes Smart Moves to Increase Electric Vehicle Access
1/3/2017 New Congress Kicks Off With Attacks on Science-based Public Health Protections