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2018 Releases

12/21/2018 Partial Government Shutdown Would Impede Science, Hurt Nation
12/21/2018 Green New Deal Represents Unrelenting Youth-led Demand for Climate Action
12/20/2018 Congress Heeds Scientists’ Concerns, Pumps the Brakes on Trump Administration’s Ill-Considered Plan to Reorganize USDA
12/20/2018 USDA’s Proposed SNAP Rule a Trump Administration Temper Tantrum, Would Punish Working Poor
12/18/2018 With Ambitious New Program, States Unite to Fight Climate Change by Cutting Transportation Emissions
12/17/2018 New Jersey to Rejoin Northeast Climate Program
12/17/2018 ExxonMobil Shareholders’ Push for Emissions Targets Shows Investors Want Climate Action, Not Platitudes
12/17/2018 Zinke’s Departure an Opportunity to Undo Damage at DOI
12/15/2018 World Leaders Agree to Common Paris Rulebook, Must Respond to Scientists’ Clarion Call for Greater Climate Ambition
12/14/2018 Massachusetts Offers an Ambitious Roadmap for Cleaner Transportation
12/14/2018 California Revs Up Emissions Reductions, Requires All New Buses to Be Electric by 2029
12/11/2018 Farm Bill Conference Report Heeds Evidence on SNAP and Invests in Local Food Economies, But Slashes Key Conservation Program
12/10/2018 Science Group Deeply Alarmed by Efforts to Downplay IPCC Special Report at COP24
12/6/2018 EPA Announces Another Give Away to Coal Industry
12/6/2018 Senate Should Reject FERC Nominee Bernard McNamee
12/4/2018 New Report Documents Two Years of Attacks on Science at Department of the Interior
12/21/2017 Department of Interior Cancels Critical Study on Oil and Gas Operations
12/20/2017 Courts Should Decide How Fossil Fuel Companies Pay Their Fair Share for Outsized Contribution to Sea Level Rise and Extreme Weather Events, Says Science Group
12/20/2017 Congress Passes Tax Bill that Threatens Americans' Health and Well-being
12/19/2017 Nine States Embrace Clean Energy by Collectively Capping Power Plant Emissions Through 2030
12/13/2017 Dourson’s Withdrawal a Victory for Science, Health
12/12/2017 President Just Signed Bill That Says Climate Change a National Security Risk, But Does He Know That?
12/12/2017 ExxonMobil’s Pledge to Disclose Climate Risks Significant, But Short on Details
12/8/2017 USDA’s Pledge to Allow Food Stamp “Flexibilities” for States Could Open Door to Misguided Eligibility Requirements, Says Science Group
12/7/2017 Pruitt Mentions Red Team, Blue Team Timeline in Congressional Testimony Today
12/6/2017 Automakers' Intransigence Has Blocked Progress
12/1/2017 Senate Passes Tax Cut Bill That Threatens Public Health and Clean Energy
12/22/2016 Science Group Reacts to Ohio Governor’s Veto of House Bill 554
12/19/2016 As OMB Director, Mulvaney Could Undermine Safeguards that Protect the Public
12/14/2016 Trump Transition Team Disavows DOE Questionnaire—Must Go Further to Signal Respect for Science
12/13/2016 Science Group Offers Mixed Reaction to Perry Energy Secretary Nomination
12/12/2016 New Science Group Study Shows New Hampshire Could Grow Local Clean Energy Development While Boosting Economy
12/12/2016 Science Group Shows Maine How to Tap Hundreds of Millions in Investments for Renewables, Energy Efficiency
12/12/2016 Science Group Shows Vermont How to Tap Over $100 Million in Investment for Local Clean Energy Projects
12/10/2016 Likely Deputy Secretary of State Pick Jeopardizes US Security, Science Group Says
12/10/2016 Secretary of State Pick Cements Governance by Oil Industry, Says Science Group
12/9/2016 UCS Condemns Trump Transition Team Effort to Target DOE Employees Focused on Climate
12/9/2016 McMorris Rodgers’ Record Raises Serious Questions for Science at Interior Department
12/8/2016 Trump’s Asia Advisors Want to Scrap “Three Communiques” With China
12/8/2016 US Energy Bill Expected to Die, Science Group Offers Reaction
12/7/2016 Pruitt an Unacceptable Choice to Run EPA
12/5/2016 Key Members of Congress Stand for Science, Americans’ Health, Against Budgetary Attack
12/17/2015 Starbucks’ Deforestation-Free Pledge is Woefully Inadequate, Coalition Says
12/16/2015 Omnibus Government Funding Bills Mostly Free of Dangerous Riders
12/16/2015 UCS Praises Incentives for Wind and Solar in Spending Package
12/15/2015 EPA Trends and Compliance Reports Show Importance of Strong Fuel Efficiency Standards
12/12/2015 Global Action on Historic Climate Change Agreement Expected in Paris
12/10/2015 Revised Agreement Released Tonight at the Paris Climate Talks
12/9/2015 Statement by Alden Meyer on Revised Negotiating Text Released Today at the Climate Talks in Paris
12/9/2015 Statement by Alden Meyer on Secretary Kerry's Announcement Today on Climate Adaptation Aid
12/8/2015 El Alimento es Importante: Nueva Campaña y Video Eleva al Sistema Alimentario Como Tema Para la Campaña Electoral
12/8/2015 Food Matters: New Campaign, Video Elevate Food to the Ballot Box
12/6/2015 Top U.S. Experts to Presidential Candidates: Make Clean Energy Pledge
12/3/2015 House Advances Special Interest Energy Policy
12/1/2015 House Votes to Sabotage Paris Climate Agreement
12/18/2014 Department of Interior Leads the Way on Scientific Integrity
12/18/2014 New York's Fracking Prohibition Is the Right Decision
12/17/2014 Senate Joins House in Passing Laughable PTC Bill
12/17/2014 Washington Governor Proposes Actions to Lower State's Carbon Emissions
12/15/2014 Limping Home from Lima
12/12/2014 Secretary Kerry Speaks at Climate Talks
12/11/2014 UCS Analysis Finds U.S. Has Greatest Potential for Mitigation
12/8/2014 NOAA Study on California Drought Focuses on Rain, Report Author Acknowledges More Research Needed on Temperatures
12/8/2014 Lima Meeting Could Be a Turning Point for U.N. Climate Negotiations
12/8/2014 Updated Study Finds Sixty-five Percent of Industrial Carbon Pollution Produced by 90 Entities
12/4/2014 Senate Still Has Opportunity to Provide Certainty to Clean Energy Job Creators
12/19/2013 Michigan Governor Announces Goals for State's Energy Future
12/11/2013 New Survey Finds Many Households Can Use Electric Vehicles
12/11/2013 “Superweeds” Resulting from Monsanto’s Products Overrun U.S. Farm Landscape
12/9/2013 Updated Study Highlights Eroding Economics of U.S. Coal Fleet
12/5/2013 EPA Should Develop a New Long-Term Roadmap for Biofuels
12/5/2013 Wilmar Commits To Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
12/14/2012 Early Draft of International Climate Science Report Posted Online
12/10/2012 Negotiators Fail to Deliver at Doha Climate Summit
11/29/2018 Trump Administration Attempts to Discredit National Climate Assessment to Distract Public from Stark Findings
11/22/2018 Latest National Climate Assessment Shows US Already Suffering Damages from Climate Change
11/13/2018 UCS Forced to Sue DOE, FERC for Failure to Release Public Records
11/8/2018 Oil Companies Spent Record Amounts to Successfully Block WA Carbon Fee
11/8/2018 More Than One-Third of Nation’s Nuclear Plants at Risk of Early Closure or Slated for Retirement
11/1/2018 PJM Study Shows Anticipated Administration-Mandated Coal and Nuclear Bailout Not Needed
11/30/2017 Pruitt’s RFS Decision Defies Science, Undercuts Development of New Fuels
11/28/2017 In Cities Across the Country, Driving Electric Is Cheaper Than Gasoline
11/28/2017 More Than 300 Scientists Tell Congress: We Reject Trump’s CEQ Nominee
11/22/2017 Plugging in Your Car Is Cheaper Than Pumping Gas in California’s Largest Cities
11/21/2017 Federal Government Should Release Agency Opinions About Safety of Power Plant Water Rule
11/17/2017 The Road to Katowice: Increasing Global Ambition, Political Will on Climate Change Action
11/17/2017 US House, Senate Committee Tax Bills Threatens the Health and Well Being of Americans and Undercuts Investments in Science
11/15/2017 Congress Should Pass Bill Establishing Policy that US Will Not Use Nuclear Weapons First
11/14/2017 House Flood Insurance Bill Will Fail to Protect People and Property
11/14/2017 Senate Committee Hearing on Presidential Nuclear Strike Authority
11/14/2017 Statements from COP23 Press Conference on Climate Impacts, Attributing Damages to Top Fossil Fuel Producers
11/13/2017 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Governors Announce New Collaboration to Reduce Transportation Emissions
11/9/2017 House Tax Bill Fails to Preserve Electric Vehicle Incentives—Senate Must Protect Them
11/9/2017 EPA Rollback of Glider Truck Rule Puts Health, Lives at Risk for a Single Company’s Gain
11/7/2017 Local Management Plans May Not Protect California Groundwater from Climate Change Risk
11/7/2017 Syria to Join Paris Agreement, Leaving Trump in Isolation on Climate Change Inaction
11/3/2017 National Climate Assessment Moves Through Scientific Process to Diagnose U.S. Climate Change Ills
11/2/2017 Chairman Smith’s Retirement an Opportunity to Put Science Committee Back on Track
11/2/2017 Cuts to Electric Vehicle and Clean Energy Tax Credits Will Undermine Growing Industries, Take Us Backward on Climate
11/2/2017 Sam Clovis’s Withdrawal from USDA Chief Scientist Post Victory for Farmers, Consumers and Fact-Based Governance
11/30/2016 EPA Acts to Keep Vital Vehicle Efficiency Standards Moving Forward
11/29/2016 2300 Scientists from All Fifty States Pen Open Letter to Incoming Trump Administration
11/21/2016 Rejecting Rhetoric and Actions that Divide Us
11/18/2016 World Leaders, Sub-National Governments, Businesses Continue Momentum on Global Climate Action in Marrakech
11/16/2016 U.S. Releases Plan to Deeply Reduce Global Warming Emissions by Mid-Century
11/3/2016 Union of Concerned Scientists Participating in Three Side Events at COP22 in Marrakech
11/2/2016 Paris Agreement Enters into Force This Week, What to Expect at November Climate Talks
11/25/2015 New Study Shows Climate Risks of Industry’s Fossil Fuel Reserves and Further Exploration
11/24/2015 Paris Agreement Expected to Set Framework for Climate Change Progress
11/18/2015 Senate Passes Legislation in Misguided Attempt to Undermine Clean Power Plan
11/17/2015 Science Group Unveils Screening Tool to Identify “Climate Equity Hotspots”
11/11/2015 New Research Shows Electric Cars 50 Percent Cleaner Compared to Gasoline Over Their Lifetime
11/10/2015 Land-Sector Emission Reduction Targets of Brazil, Indonesia, and India Fall Short of Democratic Republic of the Congo’s
11/6/2015 Costs Outweigh Benefits of Obama Plan to Replace Nuclear Stockpile, Study Finds
11/6/2015 In Show of Climate Leadership, President Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline
11/5/2015 Study Finds USDA Woefully Underfunding Research Needed to Spur Better Farming Practices
11/19/2014 State Rep. Pyle Gets It Wrong on Global Warming Pollution Claim
11/19/2014 Carbon Fee Bill Smart Solution
11/17/2014 Pushing Through a Keystone XL Bill Is a Big Mistake
11/17/2014 Climate Task Force Recommendations Represent a Call To Action
11/5/2014 California Passes Multi-Billion-Dollar Bond to Build a More Resilient Water System
11/2/2014 IPCC Summary Underscores Urgency Of Emissions Reductions
11/25/2013 UCS Scientist Takes Top Scientific Integrity Post at U.S. EPA
11/23/2013 Negotiators Salvage Climate Framework At Last Minute
11/23/2013 Warsaw Talks Provide Just Enough to Move Process Forward on Path to Paris
11/21/2013 REDD+ Funding Announcement Indicates Some Progress
11/21/2013 Some NGOs Walk Out Of Warsaw Climate Negotiations
11/15/2013 New Renewable Fuel Targets From EPA Are Encouraging, Retain Support For Non-Food Biofuels, Science Group Says
11/13/2013 Inefficiencies in Global Land Use Create Waste, Health Problems and Environmental Pollution
11/13/2013 NRC Fails to Apply Standard Earthquake Protection Protocols to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant, Report Finds
11/12/2013 As Urgency of Action Is Higher Than Ever, Expectations for U.N. Climate Negotiations in Warsaw Are Low
11/4/2013 New Report Green Lights Michigan to Expand Renewable Energy Standard
11/26/2012 UCS Predicts “Three Ring Circus” At Climate Negotiations in Doha
11/21/2012 Third Report Warns that Leaders' Lack of Action Is Locking In Worst Consequences of Climate Change
11/14/2012 Organic Dairy Farms Benefit Farmers and Local Economies, Report Finds
11/13/2012 California Set to Roll Out Historic Cap-and-Trade Program to Address Climate Change
11/13/2012 New National Economic Study Shows Hundreds of Old Coal Generators Are Candidates for Closure
11/6/2012 Proposal 3: More than 1.5 Million in Michigan Vote Yes on Renewable Energy
11/1/2012 More Than 200 Academic, Professional Experts Support 25 Percent Renewable Energy for Michigan
10/25/2018 V.P. Pence’s Comments on Nuclear Weapons in Space ‘Troubling and Potentially Dangerous'
10/24/2018 NY AG’s Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil for Climate Fraud A Significant Step Toward Holding Company Accountable
10/23/2018 Illinois on Track to Drop Carbon Emissions from Electricity Use by 22 percent by 2030
10/23/2018 Illinois encaminado en reducir las emisiones de carbono por el uso de electricidad en 22 por ciento para 2030
10/22/2018 Exiting the INF Treaty Will Undermine US Security
10/22/2018 Trump Administration Proposal on Gender is Discrimination, Not Science
10/11/2018 EPA Would Put Clean Air at Risk by Disbanding Science Review Panel
10/10/2018 A Pathway to Clean, Fair Transportation for Everyone
10/9/2018 U.S. Appeals Court Rules Energy Department Can Stop Building MOX Plant
10/7/2018 Highly Anticipated IPCC Report Confirms Every Fraction of a Degree of Warming We Can Avoid Matters
10/4/2018 FERC Nomination Shows Trump’s Intent to Politicize Independent Commission
10/1/2018 More Than 1,100 Scientists Oppose Trump Administration Proposal to Reorganize USDA
10/31/2017 US Solar Industry, Jobs Still at Risk Following International Trade Commission Decision
10/31/2017 Purported Clovis-Russia Ties Should Be “Final Nail in the Coffin” for USDA Chief Scientist Nominee, Says Science Group
10/31/2017 Pruitt Actions on EPA Advisory Board Undermine Independent Science, Put Americans at Risk
10/27/2017 Court Ruling Blocks Trailer Rule, Weakening a Critical Tool to Fight Climate Change
10/25/2017 New California Groundwater Sustainability Guide Bridges Gap Between Technical Experts and Community Members
10/25/2017 Proposed Policy Change at DOI Would Fail to Protect National Lands, Parks from Climate Impacts
10/24/2017 UCS Senior Scientist Wins American Physical Society’s Leo Szilard Lectureship Award
10/23/2017 Science Group Praises New Bill to Defend Environmental Justice
10/20/2017 Removing Climate Change Resources from EPA Website ‘Offensive and Dangerous,’ Science Group Says
10/20/2017 The Disinformation Playbook: New Website Exposes Tactics of Attacks on Science
10/20/2017 In New PSA, Former Player Exposes NFL’s Efforts to Sideline Science
10/18/2017 Analysis Finds More Renewables Are New Mexico’s Cleaner and Cheaper Choice
10/13/2017 Hartnett-White Would Put Environment, Public Health on Dangerous Footing
10/11/2017 New House Bill Puts Clean Car Progress at Risk
10/9/2017 Clean Power Plan Repeal Will Not Bring Back Coal: White House Puts Ideology Over Science and Law
10/5/2017 Senate Self-Driving Vehicle Bill Risks Unintended Consequences, Lacks Safeguards
10/4/2017 New Farm Bill Proposal Will Create Local Jobs, Boost Midsize Farms’ Sales and Increase Access to Healthy Food
10/4/2017 New Analysis Finds About 20 Percent of US Coal-Fired Electricity Generation Comes from Uneconomic Plants
10/2/2017 Vice President Pence Touts “Success” in Gutting Public Health and Safety Protections
10/26/2016 Houston Chemical Facilities Put Vulnerable Communities in Double Jeopardy
10/26/2016 Electric Trucks and Buses Can Reduce Pollution and Create Job Opportunities
10/17/2016 ExxonMobil Attempts to Block NY AG Subpoena to Investigate Whether Their Climate Deception Constitutes Fraud
10/11/2016 Frequently Asked Questions about Hurricane Matthew and Climate Change
10/4/2016 New Study Ranks Eight Major Fossil Fuel Companies on Their Climate Change Actions
10/4/2016 Paris Agreement Expected to Enter Into Force in Advance of UN November Climate Change Summit
10/3/2016 Russia Announces Suspension of U.S.-Russian Plutonium Agreement
10/30/2015 Global Climate Ambition Increasing, but More is Needed
10/27/2015 Anne Kapuscinski New Union of Concerned Scientists Board Chair
10/27/2015 Power Plants and Electric Substations at Risk of Outages from Storm Surge
10/23/2015 Despite Uneven Progress in Bonn, A Strong Paris Climate Agreement Is Still Achievable
10/19/2015 New Research Shows Americans Want Better Food Policy
10/15/2015 UCS Skeptical of Oil and Gas Industry's Prescription for Addressing Climate Change
10/14/2015 Illegal Wood Imports to U.S. Have Declined, Science Group Finds
10/8/2015 Gambling With Natural Gas: Will Your State Play Its Cards Right?
10/7/2015 California Governor Signs New Clean Energy Law
10/1/2015 New EPA Ozone Standard Overdue – But Could Have Gone Further to Protect the Public
10/1/2015 New Survey Shows More Progress Needed on Protecting Scientific Integrity at Federal Agencies
10/27/2014 Scary Halloween Secret: Sugary Splurge Is Daily Event for U.S. Kids
10/27/2014 Agribusiness Giant Bunge Commits To Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
10/25/2014 Bonn Climate Talks Close While Much Work Remains To Achieve Paris Agreement
10/10/2014 States Can Produce Twice as Much Renewable Electricity as EPA Calculated
10/8/2014 Fuel Economy Trends Report Shows Americans are Saving Billions at the Pump, Science Group Finds
10/8/2014 Forest Plantations Can Produce Wood While Still Conserving
10/8/2014 New Study Finds Steep Increase in East Coast High-Tide Floods
10/24/2013 UCS Applauds Multi-State Effort to Develop More Robust Market for Electric Vehicles
10/22/2013 Less Corn, More Fruits and Vegetables Would Benefit U.S. Farmers, Consumers and Rural Communities
10/17/2013 U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Plan Misguided, Report Finds
10/17/2013 World Food Prize Honors Monsanto; Proven Science Disregarded
10/11/2013 UCS Supports Ryan Proposal to Limit Crop Insurance Subsidies
10/9/2013 Without A New Farm Bill, Permanent Provisions from 1949 Law Will Make Milk, Bread More Expensive in 2014
10/7/2013 Union of Concerned Scientists: New Look, Same Mission
10/3/2013 Government Shutdown Leaves Farm Bill Stranded; Local Food Programs That Could Save Taxpayers Billions Remain in Limbo
10/30/2012 Hurricane Sandy Underscores Climate Change Threat to Coasts
10/19/2012 Nuclear Regulatory Commission has Failed to Adequately Address Flood Risks at Nuclear Plants from Dam Failures, Report Finds
10/11/2012 Florida Scientists and Local Government Officials Urge Presidential Candidates to Address Sea Level Rise
10/11/2012 U.S. Biomass Has Huge Potential for Renewable Energy
10/1/2012 House Plays Politics While Farm Bill Expires
9/26/2018 EPA’s Removal of Key Leader Calls Into Question Their Commitment to Children’s Health
9/25/2018 House Moves Forward with Bills Attacking Endangered Species Act
9/25/2018 Millions of Americans are Unknowingly Bailing out Coal-Fired Power Plants
9/25/2018 Analysis of Water Contamination at Military Sites Finds Health Risks Due to Toxic Chemicals Worse than Thought
9/20/2018 To Defend Public Health, Protect Voting Rights
9/18/2018 BLM Rollback of Methane Rules Betrays Taxpayers and Will Exacerbate Climate Change
9/14/2018 New Climate Risk Disclosure Act Would Ensure Investors and Public Have Information on How Companies Are Planning for Low-Carbon Future
9/12/2018 Hurricane Florence On Track to Hit East Coast Nuclear Plants
9/11/2018 Trump Administration Rolls Back Methane Rules, Opens Door to Increased Climate Pollution
9/7/2018 New Journal Article Shows No Recent Change in Brazil Amazon Deforestation Rate, Contrary to Media Narrative
9/28/2017 White House Must Extend New START Arms Control Treaty with Russia
9/27/2017 Diplomacy, Not Overheated Rhetoric, is the Best Way to Engage North Korea
9/27/2017 U.S. House to Vote on Flawed Private Flood Insurance Legislation
9/20/2017 Oakland and San Francisco Lawsuits to Hold Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable for Their Contributions to Sea Level Rise a 'Bold and Necessary Step to Protect Their Communities,' Says Science Group
9/16/2017 Clean Energy Bill Failure a Disappointment
9/14/2017 U.S. House to Vote on Funding Anti-Science, Anti-Safety Legislation
9/7/2017 Study Finds Top Fossil Fuel Producers’ Emissions Responsible for as Much as Half of Global Surface Temperature Increase, Roughly 30 Percent of Global Sea Level Rise
9/5/2017 Withdrawal of DACA Protections an Unacceptable Broken Promise to Young People
9/5/2017 Administration Pushes to Weaken Vehicle Standards, Even as They Save Consumers Billions
9/28/2016 Youngest Americans Least Protected from Added Sugar Health Risks
9/26/2016 Governor Brown Signs UCS-Backed Bill to Help California Water Users Fight Climate Change
9/26/2016 Governor Brown Signs UCS-Backed Climate-Safe Infrastructure Bill
9/19/2016 Seattle Adopts UCS’s Oil-Saving Plan, Aims to Cut Oil Use in Half
9/13/2016 House Science Committee Hearing an Attempt to Justify Unconstitutional Investigation
9/12/2016 Global Brands’ Beef Purchasing Practices Fail to Protect South American Tropical Forests from Destruction
9/8/2016 CA Gov. Signs Historic Climate Bill, Making State Largest Emissions Reducer
9/6/2016 US, China Ratify Paris Agreement on Climate Change Making Early Entry into Force More Likely
9/30/2015 U.S. States Bring Electric Vehicle Leadership to the World Stage
9/25/2015 Joint US-China Climate Announcement a Game Changer
9/16/2015 William Borucki, Principal Investigator for NASA’s Kepler Mission, Will Give Portion of Shaw Prize Funds to Union of Concerned Scientists
9/12/2015 California Legislature Strengthens State’s Clean Energy Laws
9/10/2015 New Report Provides Roadmap for Implementing California’s Historic Groundwater Law
9/9/2015 UCS Report Analyzes Emission Reduction Targets of Canada, China, Ethiopia, Morocco
9/3/2015 Clorox Company’s New Palm Oil Commitment is a Step Forward
9/18/2014 UCS Supports Fossil Fuel Divestment
9/16/2014 Electric Cars are Getting Even Cleaner, New Analysis Finds
9/16/2014 New Dunkin’ Brands Palm Oil Commitment Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Science Group Says
9/16/2014 Governor Brown Helps California Prepare for Climate Change with Historic Groundwater Legislation
9/10/2014 New Report Shows Rocky Mountain Forests Facing Unprecedented Assault From Insects, Fires, And Heat And Drought Stress
9/3/2014 New Poet-DSM Biofuels Plant a Sign of Things to Come
9/30/2013 House Farm Bill Delays and Dysfunction Cost Government, Taxpayers Billions
9/27/2013 International Climate Report Underscores Need for Greater Policy Action
9/26/2013 Proposed Legislation Would Gut Ohio’s Clean Energy Laws
9/26/2013 Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Won’t Solve Nuclear Power’s Safety, Security and Cost Problems, New Report Finds
9/20/2013 New EPA Carbon Rules Can Be Backstop Against Future Emissions
9/21/2012 Science Group Calls on News Corp. to Improve Climate Science Content
9/13/2012 New Analysis Shows Detroit Edison and Consumers Energy Spent More Than $1 Billion in 2010 to Import Coal
9/13/2012 Seabrook Owner Must Conduct Tests Assessing Potential Concrete Damage in Containment Buildings, Nuclear Safety Groups Say
9/11/2012 National Research Council Report Calls for Expanding Ground-Based Missile Defense, but Concedes System Can Be Fooled by Decoys
9/4/2012 Report Offers Solutions to Expand Sustainable Tropical Wood Production
8/14/2019 Colorado Adopts New Zero-Emission Vehicle Policy
8/1/2019 74 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings, the Risk of Nuclear War is Increasing, Science Group Says
8/31/2018 California Moves to Ensure Uber, Lyft Take a Climate-Friendly Path
8/29/2018 California Cements Its Climate Leadership With Passage of 100 Percent Clean Energy Bill
8/29/2018 William K. Reilly Joins the Union of Concerned Scientists Board of Directors
8/22/2018 Senator Warren Introduces Bill to Combat Special Interest Influence in Government
8/21/2018 Proposed Clean Power Plan Replacement Would Do Close to Nothing on Reducing Emissions
8/20/2018 World-Renowned Scientists: California Must Operate on 100 Percent Clean Electricity
8/17/2018 Communities, Workers and Science Group Win Case Against EPA
8/16/2018 Over 200 Public Health Experts Oppose Cuts to SNAP
8/14/2018 New Survey Offers First Look into Science in the Trump Era
8/9/2018 USDA Proposal to Move Economic Research Agency Closer to Secretary of Agriculture Threatens Scientific Integrity
8/7/2018 Estudio revela que California puede cerrar 28 plantas de gas natural de inmediato sin afectar la confiabilidad de la electricidad
8/7/2018 Study Finds California Can Close 28 Natural Gas Plants Immediately Without Affecting Electricity Reliability
8/2/2018 With Rising Global Warming Emissions, Most of US Could See 20 to 30 More Days of Extreme Heat Annually by Mid-Century
8/2/2018 Trump Administration Attacks Consumers, Climate, and States with Indefensible New Vehicle Proposal
8/24/2017 DOE Grid Study Correctly Shows Wind, Solar Not a Threat to Electricity Reliability
8/23/2017 Nine States Embrace Clean Energy by Collectively Capping Power Plant Emissions Through 2030
8/23/2017 Science Group Applauds Senators Schumer and Schatz For Taking Stand Against Non-Scientist Nominee for USDA Chief Scientist Post
8/17/2017 US Should Initiate Direct Talks with North Korea and Postpone or Restructure Next Week’s US-South Korean Joint Military Exercises
8/16/2017 Signs Point to Growing Environmental Crisis in Brazil
8/16/2017 Newly Released Documents Reveal Energy Department Wasting Hundreds of Millions on Flawed Nuclear Technology
8/15/2017 Anticipated Trump Executive Order Places Infrastructure in Flood’s Way
8/13/2017 Science Group Condemns Racist Violence in Virginia
8/11/2017 As Massachusetts Unveils New Climate Rules, More Progress Needed on Transportation Emissions
8/10/2017 Defying Science and Public Interest, EPA Opens Door to Gutting Successful Vehicle Standards
8/10/2017 Trump’s Threat of US Military Action Against North Korea ‘Irresponsible and Dangerous,’ Science Group Says
8/9/2017 Study Finds That Boosting Soil’s Sponge-Like Qualities Would Help Farmers, Communities Combat Floods and Droughts
8/8/2017 The Trump Administration Must Not Delay or Misrepresent Climate Science Report
8/2/2017 Leaked EPA Document Does Not Absolve EPA Administrator of Spreading Falsehoods
8/29/2016 Legislature Passes Bill to Help California Water Users Fight Climate Change
8/25/2016 California Climate-Safe Infrastructure Bill Passes Legislature, Awaits Governor’s Signature
8/24/2016 California Leads with Historic Climate Votes, Sends Market Signal for Clean Energy Growth and Investment
8/24/2016 There’s an Emerging Electric Vehicle Market—But Some Automakers Are Lagging Behind
8/24/2016 California Leads Emerging Electric Vehicle Market, but Some Automakers Are Lagging Behind
8/23/2016 Assembly Passes Bill to Extend California’s Landmark Climate Program, but Fight Isn’t Over
8/17/2016 New Study Shows Federal Crop Insurance Program Incentivizes Farming Methods that Lead to Toxic Algal Blooms, Drinking Water Pollution, Other Costly Problems
8/12/2016 New Truck Standards a Major Step Forward for Consumers and Climate, Science Group Says
8/5/2016 California Urgently Needs Action on Climate Change; Legislature and Governor Should Pass SB 32 This Year
8/1/2016 Mass. Clean Energy Bill Propels State to Head of the Pack
8/31/2015 Scientists and Economists Urge California Legislators to Pass Climate Leadership Bills
8/28/2015 NRC Rejects Recommendation to Require Nuclear Plant Owners to Establish Plans to Address a Core-Melt Accident
8/20/2015 DOE Study Concludes MOX Facility More Expensive, Much Riskier than Disposing of Surplus Plutonium at New Mexico Repository
8/13/2015 New Analysis Finds 31 States Will Be More Than Halfway Toward Meeting Their 2022 Clean Power Plan Goals
8/10/2015 Global Warming Emissions Linked to Worsening Heat Waves in California’s Central Valley, New Peer-Reviewed Paper Finds
8/10/2015 Seed Diversity Critical for Agriculture’s Future but Inadequate Funding Threatens Potential
8/7/2015 Shell to Leave ALEC
8/6/2015 Carbon Market Funding for Reducing Deforestation: Big Debate, Small Potatoes
8/4/2015 Reporters See Barriers to Science Information at Federal Agencies
8/3/2015 Obama Administration Issues “Strong and Smart” Final Clean Power Plan—Biggest U.S. Carbon Emission Reduction Measure in History
8/29/2014 California Adopts Historic Groundwater Legislation
8/28/2014 New California Law Puts State on Road to a Million Zero-Emission Vehicles
8/28/2014 California to Invest in Low-Carbon Truck and Bus Technologies
8/27/2014 Merger of Burger King and Tim Hortons Offers Opportunities For Better Palm Oil Policies
8/12/2014 Journalism, Science Groups Decry EPA Move to Muzzle National Science Advisers
8/5/2014 Innovative Policy Provides Opportunity for Preventative Care
8/19/2013 NJ Gov Christie May Let Bill Go Into Effect That Would Increase Coastal Damage Risk
8/19/2013 NJ Gov Vetoes Bill That Would Have Increased Coastal Damage Risk
8/13/2013 New Report Highlights Increasing Risks to Coastal Homes from Sea Level Rise And Storms
8/8/2013 Extra Daily Serving Of Fruits or Vegetables Can Save Lives and Billions in Health Care Costs
8/8/2013 National Science Organization Releases Report on Economics of Healthy Eating at NYC’s Mount Sinai Greenmarket
8/7/2013 Extra Daily Serving of Fruits or Vegetables Can Save Lives and Billions in Health Care Costs
8/6/2013 EPA Should Do More to Reduce Competition Between Food and Fuel Crops
8/28/2012 Historic Fuel Efficiency and Auto Pollution Standards Finalized
7/31/2019 Democratic Presidential Candidates May Disagree on Nuclear ‘No-First-Use’ Policy, But Majority of Americans Say United States Should Not Start a Nuclear War
7/31/2019 US Withdraws from INF Treaty August 2, Move Will Undermine US Security
7/25/2019 California Strikes Deal with Four Automakers
7/23/2019 Your Favorite Cereals Could Help Farmers, Reduce Soil Erosion and Farm Runoff, and Take a Bite Out of Climate Change
7/18/2019 Environmental Justice and National Environmental Groups Advance a Historic Joint Climate Platform
7/18/2019 New Survey Shows Strong Support for Electric Vehicles Across Economic Spectrum
7/17/2019 Organizations Urge Congress to Strengthen National Flood Insurance Program
7/16/2019 Dangerous Heat to Soar Across Entire US “Breaking” National Weather Service Heat Index Scale, Posing Unprecedented Health Risks
7/16/2019 El calor en Estados Unidos se elevará a niveles peligrosos “rompiendo” la escala de sensación térmica del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional y presentando riesgos sin precedente para la salud
7/16/2019 Midwest Region Areas to Endure About Three Months a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 100 Degrees
7/16/2019 Northeast Region Areas to Endure Seven Weeks or More a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 100 Degrees
7/16/2019 Northern Great Plains Region Areas to Endure Nine Weeks or More a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 100 Degrees
7/16/2019 Northwest Region Areas to Endure Seven Weeks or More a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 90 Degrees
7/16/2019 Southeast Region Areas to Endure About Four Months a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 105 Degrees
7/16/2019 Southern Great Plains Region Areas to Endure About Four Months a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 105 Degrees
7/16/2019 Southwest Region Areas to Endure Seven Weeks or More a Year When “Feels Like” Temperature Exceeds 105 Degrees
7/12/2019 Science Group Opposes Planned Immigration Raids, Mistreatment of Immigrants
7/10/2019 New Climate Risk Disclosure Bills Ensure Investors and the Public Have More Information to Adequately Plan for a Low-Carbon Future
7/9/2019 Governors Demand Strong Car Standards that Defend Consumers, Climate
7/2/2019 New World Heritage Sites to be Announced
7/1/2019 Immigrant Treatment Must Improve
7/1/2019 Oregon Leaders Fail to Take Aggressive Climate Action
7/31/2018 Mass. Legislature Holds the Line on State’s Clean Energy Leadership
7/31/2018 Frontline Floodplain Communities Continue to Wait as Congress Dithers on NFIP Reforms
7/25/2018 New UCS Fact Sheet Shows Midwest, Northeast Experiencing More Floods
7/24/2018 Días de 105 grados Fahrenheit (40.5C) en la región metropolitana de Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington podrían cuadruplicarse para mediados de siglo, y crecer siete veces para finales de siglo.
7/24/2018 UCS Finds 105-Degree Days in Dallas Metro Area Could Quadruple by Mid-Century, Increase Seven-fold by End of Century
7/23/2018 Department of Interior Manipulates the Facts to Undermine National Monuments
7/20/2018 Baltimore Climate Suit Reaffirms Fossil Fuel Giants Can No Longer Ignore Communities Suffering From Damage Their Products Produced
7/20/2018 Trump Administration Proposal Would Gut Endangered Species Protection
7/19/2018 New York City Climate Lawsuit Dismissal Leaves Taxpayers Alone to Shoulder Massive Climate Adaptation Costs
7/19/2018 House Appropriations Bill Puts Science, Public Health at Risk with Cuts and Riders
7/18/2018 Study Finds Electric Buses are Cleaner in All Parts of Country
7/17/2018 Trump’s USDA Chief Scientist Pick Should Commit to Evidence-Based Policy for Public Interest Over Corporate Favors
7/13/2018 House Bills Target Scientific Foundations of Endangered Species Conservation
7/12/2018 ExxonMobil Departure From Climate-Denying ALEC Long Overdue
7/10/2018 Pruitt’s Truck Decision a Test for New Administrator Wheeler
7/6/2018 Barrasso Proposal Would Critically Undermine Endangered Species Protection
7/5/2018 Pruitt’s Departure Welcome, But Overdue
7/2/2018 Rhode Island Climate Lawsuit Against Fossil Fuel Giants Helps State Residents Prepare for Changing Climate
7/28/2017 North Korean ICBM Appears Able to Reach Major US Cities
7/27/2017 Los Angeles Metro’s Decision to Electrify Bus Fleet Is a Good Move
7/25/2017 Congress Should Pass Bill Reversing Pruitt Decision on Dangerous Pesticide
7/20/2017 Trump Administration Sidelines Science in Its First Six Months in Office
7/20/2017 President Trump Illegally Nominates Non-Scientist to Lead Science at the USDA
7/19/2017 Self-Driving Vehicle Bill Marks an Important Step for Emerging Technology, But May Stall State Efforts to Answer Critical Questions
7/18/2017 U.S. House’s Dangerous Budget Cuts to Science, Technology and the EPA Would Devastate Nation’s Science Innovation, Public Health
7/18/2017 Union of Concerned Scientists Applauds Passage of California's AB 398 and AB 617
7/14/2017 Polluters Will Pay and Communities Will Benefit Under AB 398 and AB 617
7/12/2017 Breaking Antarctic Ice Shelf Could Portend Higher than Expected, Longer Term Contribution to Global Sea Level Rise
7/11/2017 Published Study Identifies When Hundreds of Coastal Communities Will Face Inundation, Possible Retreat
7/11/2017 Un estudio publicado identifica posibles fechas en que cientos de comunidades costeras sufrirán inundaciones frecuentes, y el posible desplazamiento de su población
7/27/2016 Peer-Reviewed Study Finds High Tropical Deforestation from Oil Palm Production
7/27/2016 New Study Finds US Coastal Military Installations Will Lose Land to Sea Level Rise in Decades Ahead
7/26/2016 Science Group Rejects Lamar Smith Subpoena
7/18/2016 In Technical Assessment Report, EPA and NHTSA Show Feasibility, Importance of Strong Fuel Efficiency Standards
7/13/2016 Report: U.S. Missile Defense Program, Exempt from Standard Oversight Procedures, is Costly and Unreliable
7/13/2016 Science Group Denounces Lamar Smith Subpoena
7/12/2016 Senate Votes to Conference on Energy Bill
7/8/2016 UCS Denounces Rising Level of Violence; Condemns Easy Access to Guns
7/31/2015 Energy Bill Modest Step Forward for Clean Energy, but Falls Short of What’s Necessary
7/28/2015 FDA Listens to the Science, Proposes Daily Value for Added Sugars
7/27/2015 Avon’s Palm Oil Promise Advances Environmental Stewardship Commitment
7/15/2015 As Congress Considers Chemical Safety, Chemical Industry Spends Millions to Distort the Debate
7/14/2015 Iran Nuclear Deal a Major Step Forward for Nonproliferation
7/8/2015 Former Exxon Employee Says Company Considered Climate Risks as Early as 1981
7/1/2015 Nofs' Energy Legislation Should Complement, Not Repeal, Renewable and Efficiency Standards
7/1/2015 Whitfield Cites Debunked Clean Power Plan Electric Prices Study
7/28/2014 More than 330 Public Health Experts Call on FDA to Label Added Sugar
7/21/2014 New analysis finds that 10 states could provide abundant agricultural byproducts for low-carbon fuel and electricity
7/3/2014 Proposed Legislation to Exempt Oil Industry from Compliance with California Climate Policy
7/1/2014 New Video Details Solutions to Threat Oil Use Poses for Armed Forces
7/29/2013 UCS’s Ricardo Salvador Receives James Beard Foundation Leadership Award
7/18/2013 Senate Confirms Gina McCarthy as Next EPA Administrator
7/16/2013 Future Power Generation Could Further Endanger Water Supplies
7/12/2013 House Passes Partial Farm Bill, Creating Further Uncertainty in Already Complex Process
7/19/2012 Science Group Sponsors Annual Farmers Market at State Capitol
7/3/2012 UCS Ads Show Monsanto is Failing to Improve Agriculture
6/27/2019 Bonn Climate Talks Make Limited Progress, Greater Political Leadership Essential to Address Climate Emergency
6/27/2019 En el noreste, las comunidades étnicas y raciales minoritarias respiran 66% más aire contaminado proveniente de los vehículos
6/27/2019 In the Northeast, Communities of Color Breathe 66% More Air Pollution from Vehicles
6/26/2019 Study: Renewable Electricity Standard Bill is Affordable and Would Slash Power Sector Carbon by Nearly Half
6/21/2019 Reckless US Actions Against Iran Could Push Tehran to Build Nuclear Weapons
6/19/2019 New EPA Power Plant Rule is a Sham, Science Group Says
6/14/2019 White House Eliminates a Third of Federal Advisory Committees
6/13/2019 USDA Chooses Kansas City as New Home for Two Research Agencies, in Move that Jeopardizes Science Research
6/6/2019 Current U.S. Dietary Guidelines Don’t Protect Us from Health Risks of Processed Meats, According to New Analysis by Science Group
6/28/2018 Senate Passes Farm Bill Proposal, Science Group Tasks Conference Committee with Ensuring Final Bill Evidence-Based
6/28/2018 Archaeologists Race Against Time to Save Sites from Climate Change
6/27/2018 Supreme Court Ruling on Unions Will Harm All Americans
6/26/2018 Dismissal of San Francisco and Oakland Climate Lawsuits A Setback for Efforts to Require Fossil Fuel Companies to Pay Their Fair Share of Climate Costs
6/24/2018 NOAA Mission Statement Change Would Threaten Climate, Conservation Work
6/21/2018 White House Reorganization Plan Sidelines Science, Compromises Health and Safety Without Achieving Efficiency
6/20/2018 HHS Finally Releases Chemical Study Trump Administration Hoped to Suppress
6/20/2018 Carbon Tax Proposal Promoted by Leading Conservatives Good Starting Point
6/19/2018 Colorado Joins Clean Car States, Giving a Boost to Standards Facing Trump Administration Attack
6/19/2018 Separating Children from Parents Harmful and Must Stop
6/18/2018 2.5 Million Homes, Businesses Totaling $1 Trillion Threatened by High Tide Flooding
6/18/2018 Higher Tides Will Threaten More than 20,000 California Homes by Mid-Century
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 1 Million Florida Homes Worth $351 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 100,000 North Carolina Homes Worth $28 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 115,000 Virginia Homes Worth $31 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 116,000 South Carolina Homes Worth $53 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 117,000 Louisiana Homes Worth $13 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 143,000 New York Homes Worth $98 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 23,000 Washington Homes Worth $6 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 24,000 Delaware Homes Worth $1.3 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 251,000 New Jersey Homes Worth $107 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 4,000 Pennsylvania Homes Worth $1 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 40,000 Georgia Homes Worth $13 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 5,000 New Hampshire Homes Worth $2.4 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 68,000 Maryland Homes Worth $21 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 82,000 Texas Homes Worth $17 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/18/2018 New Study Finds 89,000 Massachusetts Homes Worth $63 Billion will be at Risk from Tidal Flooding
6/12/2018 US-North Korean Summit Could Be a Good Start to Years of Negotiations
6/12/2018 Scorecard Ranks States from Farm to Fork
6/9/2018 US Goes Rogue From Allies on Climate Change, Other Issues at G7 Summit
6/8/2018 Bipartisan Senate Farm Bill Proposal Makes Evidence-Based Investments US Farmers and Communities Need
6/7/2018 New Rankings Show Automakers Improving Efficiency, Meeting Standards—and Capable of More
6/1/2018 White House Whims Are Not Grounds for Emergency Coal, Nuke Plant Bailouts
6/30/2017 EPA to Launch Program Critiquing Climate Science
6/26/2017 San Joaquin Valley Residents Invited to Free Groundwater Workshop
6/26/2017 RBI’s Deforestation Continues Despite Newly Released Sustainability Framework
6/20/2017 Pruitt Suspends Work of Science Board, Undercutting Vital EPA Research
6/19/2017 DOE Secretary Perry Dismisses Science, Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Climate
6/12/2017 In Rebuke to Trump and Pruitt, Other G7 Environment Ministers Signal Full Speed Ahead on Climate, Paris Agreement
6/7/2017 In a Quietly Powerful Job, Rao’s Views Could Put Americans at Risk
6/5/2017 Top Boston Firm Foley Hoag Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of UCS
6/5/2017 US Government, Business, Education Leaders Move Forward on Climate Action without Pres. Trump
6/1/2017 Trump Vows to Withdraw From Paris Agreement, Other Nations Press Ahead Without US
6/29/2016 Burger King Parent Company’s Sustainability Framework Fails to Protect Tropical Forests
6/28/2016 VW Settlement Provides Accountability—But Can’t Undo the Damage VW Has Done
6/27/2016 Assembly Committee Passes Bill to Help California’s Water Sector Fight Climate Change
6/21/2016 Top American Scientists Urge Obama to Take Nuclear Missiles off Hair-Trigger Alert
6/16/2016 Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Retirement is Huge Opportunity for California Renewables
6/16/2016 ExxonMobil Wants Federal Court to Toss Demand for Documents by Massachusetts Attorney General
6/14/2016 Assembly Climate Safe Infrastructure Bill Gains Momentum, Passes First Senate Vote
6/9/2016 MA House Passes Energy Bill with Some Important Provisions, Senate Version Must Still be Stronger
6/1/2016 California Assembly Passes Bill to Protect Public Infrastructure from Climate Change
6/1/2016 Union of Concerned Scientists Stands Up to Congressional Attack
6/30/2015 China Releases Emissions Reduction Proposal
6/29/2015 Agroecology Practices Critical to Sustainable Agriculture, but Lack Funding
6/26/2015 USSC Mercury and Toxic Air Pollutants Decision Loss for Americans
6/25/2015 Wendy’s Position on Palm Oil More Hype Than Action
6/24/2015 Costs of Inaction Should Be Focus of House Education and Workforce Committee Hearing
6/18/2015 Proposed Truck Efficiency and Global Warming Standards Promise Big Savings from Big Rigs
6/18/2015 School Nutrition Waivers and Funding Restrictions in House Spending Bill Harms Children’s Health
6/18/2015 National Research Council Study Points to Success of Auto Standards
6/12/2015 Explosive Growth of Fracking Puts Pressure on Communities – How Can Local Governments Respond?
6/11/2015 Countries Start to Engage on Paris Package, but Need to Pick Up Pace
6/3/2015 California Senate Passes Historic Legislation to Tackle Climate Change
6/2/2015 Most States on Track to Meet Clean Power Plan 2020 Benchmarks
6/2/2015 UCS Report Analyzes U.S., E.U. and Mexico Emission Reduction Targets
6/27/2014 California Air Resources Board Adopts New Funding Plan for Low-Carbon Transportation
6/24/2014 New Report Finds Sugar Industry Obscures Health Science in Policymaking
6/19/2014 U.S. Missile Defense Agency Plans $200M Test of Anti-ICBM System on Sunday After a String of Failures
6/4/2014 Report Finds Successful Efforts to Reduce Deforestation
6/2/2014 EPA Moves to Curb Emissions from Existing Power Plants
6/27/2013 Nuclear Waste Bill Fails to Address Near-Term On-Site Management and Risks from Overcrowded Pools
6/25/2013 Obama Shares More Details on Climate Plans
6/25/2013 President Obama Pledges To Help Communities Prepare for Climate Change, Reduce U.S. Emissions
6/25/2013 UCS Forum on Insurance in an Era of Climate Change Takes Place on June 28 in Pasadena
6/19/2013 President Obama Can Do More to Strengthen National Security by Cutting Entire U.S. Nuclear Arsenal to 1,000 Weapons
6/19/2013 Union of Concerned Scientists President Kevin Knobloch to Take New Post at Department of Energy
6/11/2013 New York City Climate Change Adaptation Plan Way of Future
6/11/2013 White House Stops Fighting Plan B Access
6/10/2013 Who Owns The Forest?
6/5/2013 Scientist Says Federal Biofuel Production Mandate Flexible Enough to Meet Goals
6/5/2012 Monsanto’s “DroughtGard” Corn Barely a Drop in the Bucket
5/30/2019 Urgent Action on Climate Change Will Prevent Heat-Related Deaths in Major US Cities
5/30/2019 Congress Must Act, as National Flood Insurance Program Soon to Lapse
5/20/2019 Iowa Residents Overwhelmingly Want Presidential Candidates to Share Views on Nuclear Weapons
5/15/2019 U.S. House Hearing Sets the Stage for Progress on PFAS
5/10/2019 Colorado Advances Toward a Clean, Modern Transportation Future
5/8/2019 National Clean Energy Standard Is a ‘Down-Payment’ on Congressional Climate Action
5/2/2019 Tax Code Reform Bill Would Set New Priorities by Providing Long-Term Incentives for Low-Carbon Energy Resources
5/22/2018 Imminent House Vote on New Low-Yield Nuclear Weapon: House Should Approve Blumenauer Amendment
5/18/2018 Scientists Tell Congress: Don’t Strip Science Out of the Endangered Species Act
5/18/2018 Deeply Flawed, Ideological Farm Bill Fails in House; Senate Should Pass Science-Based Bill That’s Good for Farmers, Communities and Eaters
5/17/2018 NY Governor’s Promise to Go Coal-Free Shows State Leadership in Clean Energy
5/16/2018 US House Committee Cuts Federal Energy Research, Boosts Energy Storage
5/15/2018 Science Group Joins Lawsuit Over Trump Rollback of Vehicle Standards
5/14/2018 Energy Department Makes the Right Decision to Kill MOX Program
5/10/2018 Ford Confirms It Can Meet Strong Vehicle Standards—Company Must Oppose Trump Administration’s Severe Rollbacks
5/10/2018 Measuring Data Shouldn’t be Political, Head of NASA Needs to Tell President Trump That
5/9/2018 Bonn Climate Talks Make Limited Progress, Increased Political Engagement Essential for Successful Outcome in Katowice This December
5/8/2018 Trump Decision to Abandon Iran Nuclear Deal Will Undermine US Security, Science Group Says
5/31/2017 Cleaner Than Ever: Latest Numbers Show Electric Vehicle Advantage Is Growing
5/31/2017 ExxonMobil Shareholders Approve Climate Risk Proposal By Majority Vote
5/27/2017 President Trump Waffling on Climate Change Creates Divide Between US, Allies
5/25/2017 U.S. Nuclear Regulators Greatly Underestimate Potential for Nuclear Disaster
5/25/2017 Science Group Offers Reaction to Nomination Hearing for FERC Appointments
5/25/2017 Senate Bill Would Roll Back Vehicle Efficiency Standards, Hurting Consumers and Climate
5/23/2017 Trump Administration FY2018 Budget Proposal to Terminate MOX Program a ‘Great Deal'
5/23/2017 Trump Budget Disregards Science, Puts Public Health, Innovation at Risk
5/13/2017 Science Group Believes USDA's Lead Scientist Should be…a Scientist
5/10/2017 Senate Defends Climate, Health by Voting Down Methane Resolution
5/9/2017 New Study Shows Diversified Crop Rotation System Could Be Adopted Widely Across Corn Belt And Increase Corn-Soy Yields While Slashing Soil Erosion and Water Pollution
5/3/2017 Trump Appoints Official Hostile to Clean Energy to Oversee Clean Energy Office
5/2/2017 Science Expected to Win Out in Latest Budget Battle, But Future Assaults Could be on the Horizon
5/27/2016 UCS Publishes Updated Great Barrier Reef Case Study Removed from World Heritage Report
5/26/2016 In California, Survey Shows Strong Interest, Greater Potential for Electric Vehicles
5/26/2016 In the Northeast, Survey Shows Strong Interest, Big Potential for Electric Vehicles
5/24/2016 Novo relatório mostra como as mudanças climáticas ameaçam os Patrimônios da Humanidade
5/24/2016 Un nuevo informe revela los iconos del Patriomino Mundial en riesgo por el cambio climático
5/24/2016 Un nouveau rapport montre que le changement climatique met les sites du patrimoine mondial en danger
5/24/2016 New Report Shows World Heritage Icons at Risk from Climate Change
5/24/2016 Massachusetts Has Chance to Think Big, Move Forward Toward Clean Energy Future
5/23/2016 Congress to Rewrite the Rulebook on Chemical Safety: The Good News and the Bad
5/23/2016 Report Finds Growing Risk of Nuclear War Between United States and China
5/20/2016 NAS Report on NRC’s Deficient Spent Fuel Pool Regulation Echoes UCS Criticisms
5/20/2016 New Added Sugar Label Will Help Protect Americans’ Health
5/19/2016 Legal Scholars Send Gov. Brown Letter Supporting Efforts to Protect Consumers
5/19/2016 Rep. Lamar Smith Abuses His Power, Again
5/18/2016 School Meal Bill Could Remove Millions of Low-Income Children from Meal Programs
5/11/2016 A Changing Oil Industry Poses Increasing Climate Risk
5/9/2016 Clean Power Plan, Renewable Energy Tax Credits Set to Drive Needed Clean Energy Transition
5/4/2016 Los científicos y los líderes de la fe urgen al presidente Obama de anunciar en Hiroshima los pasos para reducir los riesgos nucleares
5/4/2016 Scientists and Faith Leaders Urge President Obama to Announce Steps in Hiroshima to Reduce Nuclear Risks
5/3/2016 California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act Passes Out of Judiciary Committee, Advances to Senate Floor
5/26/2015 Texas Rains in Keeping with Climate Change
5/26/2015 Science Leaders Decry Congressional Attacks on Science-Based Policy
5/22/2015 EIA Analysis Shows EPA Power Plant Rules Affordable, Renewables Make Big Contribution
5/20/2015 UCS Urges House to Vote No on Clean Power Plan "Opt-Out" Bill
5/20/2015 From Small Cars to Pickup Trucks, Automakers Aren’t Just Meeting Efficiency Standards, They’re Exceeding Them
5/19/2015 California Governor and International Government Leaders Sign Ambitious Climate Agreement
5/14/2015 NRC Rebuffs Cyberterrorism Concerns at Energy Department’s Troubled South Carolina Plutonium Fuel Plant
5/30/2014 Ohio Set to Be First State to Freeze Successful Clean Energy Standards
5/27/2014 New Ranking Shows All Major Auto Companies Boosted Green Performance
5/27/2014 NRC Commissioners Kill Further Study of Moving Dangerously Radioactive Spent Fuel from Cooling Pools to Safer Dry Casks
5/22/2014 California’s Bold Blueprint for Reducing Carbon Pollution and Building a Clean Energy Economy
5/20/2014 Pepsico’s New Palm Oil Commitment Marks Major Improvement, But Other Companies Are Going Further, Science Group Says
5/19/2014 New Report Shows Climate Change Putting Landmark U.S. Historic Sites at Risk
5/6/2014 Food Industry Obscures Added Sugar in Products by Marketing Them as Healthy, New Report Finds
5/6/2014 National Climate Assessment Highlights Need for Resilience, Risk Reduction, Science Group Says
5/31/2013 FDA Emails Show Manager Favoring Speed Over Safety on Blood Pressure Pills
5/23/2013 Memorial Day Travelers Will Spend Over $1.4 Billion on Gasoline
5/23/2013 Policymakers Issue Flurry of Misleading Statements on Climate Science
5/13/2013 U.S. News Media Help Koch Brothers and ExxonMobil Spread Climate Disinformation, UCS Investigation Finds
5/9/2013 Congress Should Prioritize Modern, “Healthy Farm” Practices When Farm Bill Debate Re-Starts This Month
5/9/2013 Lawmakers Urged to Quickly Reschedule McCarthy Vote
5/3/2013 World Leaders Lack Political Will to Make Progress at Climate Negotiations in Bonn
5/2/2013 EPA Grants for Hurricane Sandy Relief
4/26/2019 NNSA Decision to Renew Jason Science Advisors Contract is the Right Call for National Security, Science Group Says
4/19/2019 Washington State Poised to Become Global Climate Leader with Passage of 100 Percent Clean Electricity Bill; Clean Fuels Should Follow
4/11/2019 Bernhardt’s Confirmation Underscores Threats to Science at Interior, Need for Oversight
4/4/2019 Congress Must Pass Energy Storage Tax Credit Bill
4/2/2019 ExxonMobil Blocks Shareholder Vote on Climate Proposal, Ignores Investor Warnings Rather Than Addressing Climate Change
4/2/2019 Shell Quitting Oil Lobby Puts BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil On Notice
4/27/2018 Commission Sets Risky Precedent and Leaves Customers on the Hook for $1 Billion Natural Gas Plant
4/24/2018 EPA Falsely Deems Wood Burning for Electricity “Carbon Neutral”
4/24/2018 EPA Enforcement Rollback Could Increase Toxic Air Pollution, Science Group Says
4/23/2018 Scientists Oppose Pruitt’s Research Restrictions
4/18/2018 Senate to Vote Soon on NASA Nominee, Science Group Ready to Hold Bridenstine Accountable to Confirmation Hearing Promises
4/18/2018 Under Increasing Economic Pressure, US Farmers Seek Change in Next Farm Bill, New Poll Shows
4/17/2018 New FEMA Study Wisely Details Ways to Make Flood Insurance Affordable
4/17/2018 Colorado Climate Lawsuit First to Hold Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable for Wildfires, Pest Infestations, Heatwaves and Other Impacts on Tourism and Agriculture
4/17/2018 Fifty Food and Farm Groups Demand Congress Reject Stricter Work Requirements for Food Stamps
4/13/2018 MA Court Rules MA AG has Authority to Investigate ExxonMobil
4/12/2018 House Republicans Take Aim at SNAP Program, Disregarding Evidence of Success Reducing Hunger and Poverty and Stimulating Local Economies
4/11/2018 Inspector General Report Shows Clear Misconduct, Hostility to Science at Interior Department
4/5/2018 New Mobilization Will Advance Science as Midterm Elections Approach
4/28/2017 Trump EPA Web Page Removal Doesn't Change Climate Reality
4/26/2017 Science-based Public Health, Safety Protections Would Be Devastated By RAA
4/21/2017 Over 100 New York Scientists Urge NY Attorney General to Pursue ExxonMobil Investigation to the Fullest Extent of the Law
4/20/2017 New UCS Analysis Ranks State Progress Transitioning to Clean Energy
4/20/2017 El nuevo análisis de UCS clasifica el progreso de los estados en la transición hacia la energía limpia
4/19/2017 Weakening Methane Rule Would Come at Cost to Climate, Health
4/5/2017 Rosen’s Record Shows He’s the Wrong Choice for Transportation
4/4/2017 EPA Withheld Analysis of Major Legislation from Congress
4/29/2016 New Limits on Methane a Vital First Step to Protect Climate—But We Need Broader Standards
4/21/2016 What’s Next Following the Historic Signing of Paris Agreement?
4/20/2016 California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act Passes First Major Test
4/19/2016 Senate Expected to Take Step Toward a Clean Energy Economy, is the House Next?
4/19/2016 New Study Finds That Living Near Healthy Food Retailers is Associated with Lower Diabetes Rates Across the Nation
4/15/2016 Stronger Clean Energy Policies, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Health, Economic Benefits for Michigan
4/13/2016 Funding for Key Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Increased by $25 Million
4/13/2016 New Evidence of Fossil Fuel Industry Climate Science Deception Underscores Need for SB 1161 (Allen), “California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act”
4/13/2016 New Evidence Reveals Fossil Fuel Industry Funded Cutting-Edge Climate Science Research Dating Back to 1950s
4/6/2016 Reducing Natural Gas Overreliance Risks in Massachusetts through Renewable Energy
4/29/2015 California Governor Sets Most Ambitious Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target in North America
4/28/2015 “Secret Science” Bill Pushed Through Senate Committee Is Bad Policy
4/23/2015 Democrats’ Proposal to Strengthen Michigan’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Standards Is an Important Step Forward, but State Could Go Further with Renewables
4/22/2015 Energy Dept. Withholds MOX Report; Summary Reveals Major Cost Estimate Increases
4/22/2015 Energy Dept. Expected to Release Report on Troubled Mixed Oxide Nuclear Fuel Program
4/22/2015 U.S. Science Group Urges President Obama: Use Upcoming U.N. Nuclear Weapons Conference to End “Hair-Trigger” Nuclear Weapons Alert
4/21/2015 McDonald’s Pledges to Eliminate Deforestation from Supply Chain
4/15/2015 Study Finds Clean Jobs Bill Would Spur $23 Billion in New Clean Energy Investment, Drive Down Residential Bills
4/6/2015 California's Water Sector Could Benefit From Clean Energy Investments
4/2/2015 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Take Steps to Reduce Deforestation
4/2/2015 California Governor Orders Unprecedented Statewide Water Restrictions Due To Historically Low Snowpack
4/1/2015 USDA Announces Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Grants
4/1/2015 Science Group Issues 2015 Scorecard of Iconic Brands Contributing to Deforestation
4/30/2014 Washington Governor Announces Climate Action Plan
4/17/2014 Virginia Supreme Court Rules to Protect Scientists from Onerous Document Requests
4/9/2014 Procter & Gamble Offers Deforestation-Free Palm Oil Commitment
4/7/2014 New Analysis Finds Significant Differences in How Accurately Cable News Networks Portray Climate Science
4/25/2013 Draft Senate Nuclear Waste Bill Fails to Address Current Storage Safety Issues at Nuclear Power Plants
4/24/2013 Coastal Cities Confront Global Warming-Induced Sea Level Rise
4/12/2013 Forum on Climate Preparedness in the Valley Takes Place at Fresno State April 15
4/9/2013 As Farm Bill Drafting Starts Anew, Congress Should Prioritize Healthy Food and Farm Programs
4/8/2013 UCS Tells EPA: No More Food for Fuel
4/5/2013 Federal Judge Rules Emergency Contraception “Plan B” Can Be Sold Over the Counter to All Women Of Child-Bearing Age
4/26/2012 No Need to Build Proposed Nuclear Weapons Facility Now, Report Finds
4/24/2012 Report Finds U.S. Crop Insurance, Credit Programs Harm Fruit and Vegetable Growers; Encourage Commodities for Unhealthy Food
3/27/2019 India Destroys Satellite, Showing Need for International Agreement on Space Security
3/27/2019 House Leaders Introduce Legislation Requiring US to Remain in Paris Climate Agreement
3/26/2019 Green New Deal or Not, Congress Must Act on Climate Change
3/21/2019 Science Paper Refutes EPA Science Advice on Assessing Particulate Pollution Dangers
3/19/2019 Science, Civil Rights, Public Health and Good Government Groups Rally Behind Scientific Integrity Legislation
3/18/2019 Poll Finds Over 70% of New Hampshire Residents Believe US Should Never Use Nuclear Weapons First
3/13/2019 Scientific Integrity Act Would Be an Important Step Forward for Science, Health
3/12/2019 New Mexico Takes Bold New Step with Passage of 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity Bill
3/12/2019 In Rush to Gut Vehicle Rules, Wheeler Intends to Fight States’ Legal Ability to Set Standards
3/12/2019 Trump Administration’s USDA Relocation “Contest” Makes Mockery of Agricultural Research, Says Science Group
3/7/2019 New Mexico Energy Bill Passes Senate; Charts Bold Course to 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity
3/6/2019 GAO Report Concludes Climate Change Will Cost Taxpayers Even More if Government Fails to Act
3/30/2018 Re-opening Vehicle Standards Defies Science, Hurts Drivers and Climate
3/28/2018 Cleaner Cars Create Jobs
3/23/2018 Bolton Appointment Extremely Dangerous, Undercuts National Security
3/21/2018 Federal Spending Deal Rejects Steep Cuts Proposed by President Trump
3/21/2018 NY State Assembly Committee Votes Against Wind Energy Investments Near Military Sites
3/21/2018 Scientists Say California Can Aim Higher On Clean Fuels
3/20/2018 Pruitt’s Proposed Science Changes Are a Betrayal of His Responsibilities, Would Put Americans at Risk
3/16/2018 Ignoring the Role Climate Change Plays in US Disasters Helps No One
3/16/2018 Russian Cyber Attacks Call for Stringent Security Standards at US Nuclear Plants, But Plant Owners Want Them Weakened
3/15/2018 Mass. Governor Takes Aim at Making State, Its Infrastructure More Resilient to Future Storms
3/2/2018 ExxonMobil 10-K Leaves Shareholders in the Dark About Climate Risks, Says Science Group
3/1/2018 Putin’s Nuclear Weapons Announcement Ratchets up Arms Race
3/28/2017 House Bills Would Undermine Science, Cripple Public Health and Safety Protections
3/28/2017 Anticipated Trump Executive Order Will Ignore Science on Climate Change, Endanger Americans
3/24/2017 California Air Resources Board Holds Steady on Clean-Car Standards
3/16/2017 White House Budget Slashes USDA Funding, May Cut Popular Conservation Programs
3/16/2017 “Skinny Budget” Disregards Science, Placing Communities at Risk
3/15/2017 Republican Climate Resolution Shows Climate Change is a Bipartisan Issue
3/15/2017 Despite Overwhelming Evidence of Success, Trump Administration Stalls EPA Vehicle Standards
3/4/2017 White House’s Proposed Cuts to NOAA Will Undermine Science and Weather Forecasting Vital for Businesses, Military and States
3/31/2016 US, China Provide Continued Leadership on Climate Change, Urge Approval of Paris Agreement in 2016
3/29/2016 Science Group Welcomes Massachusetts Investigation into ExxonMobil over Climate Deception
3/29/2016 Fossil Fuel Industry Climate Science Deception
3/29/2016 Climate Change in California: Costly Damage Worsened by Fossil Fuel Companies’ Science Deception
3/29/2016 California Bill Seeks Accountability from Fossil Fuel Companies for Climate Science Deception
3/25/2016 Administration Takes Big Step in Creating Energy Grid of the Future
3/25/2016 Science Group Lauds SEC Rulings that Fossil Fuel Companies Must Allow Climate Change Votes
3/24/2016 At Long Last, Workers Will Get More Protection From Silica Dust
3/15/2016 UCS Annual Review of U.S. Nuclear Reactor ‘Near Misses’ Finds More than 60 Percent of Safety Violations at Entergy Plants
3/15/2016 Turning Millions of Dollars into Billions for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency in Michigan
3/10/2016 US, Canada Power Ahead Together on Climate Action
3/8/2016 Stronger Clean Energy Policies, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Economic Rewards for New Mexico
3/2/2016 Oregon Legislature Builds on Paris Climate Accord with Bill to Transition from Coal to Clean Electricity
3/1/2016 Report: Five Years Later, NRC Has Made Only Limited Progress Instituting Post-Fukushima Safety Upgrades
3/27/2015 U.S. Emission Reduction Pledge Ambitious in Light of Washington Politics
3/25/2015 EPA Report Good News for Climate and Consumers, Shows Success of Auto Standards
3/23/2015 BP Leaves ALEC
3/23/2015 Union Of Concerned Scientists Congratulates White House Science Fair Participants
3/18/2015 House Passes Deceptive Bills Attacking Science
3/17/2015 Survey: Public Not Receiving Information It Needs Due to Agency Restrictions
3/13/2015 Michigan Governor Right to Prioritize Efficiency, Could Go Further on Renewables
3/12/2015 Science Group Voices Support as Governor Brown Signs Oregon Clean Fuels Bill
3/12/2015 Ban on Basic Science Terms Poses Potential Public Danger
3/10/2015 New Study Finds Strong Truck Standards Would Cut Oil Use And Offer Big Benefits For Consumers, Businesses And Climate
3/10/2015 Florida Residents, Businesses Vulnerable to Electricity Price Spikes
3/9/2015 Today's Rush to Natural Gas Could Mean Higher Energy Bills Tomorrow
3/6/2015 U.S. Nuclear Safety Improving, but NRC Withholding Safety Data and Punishing Whistleblowers, UCS Annual Review Finds
3/4/2015 Palm Oil Production Fueling Southeast Asia’s Haze Events
3/3/2015 Gov. Wolf Demonstrates Forward Thinking With Renewables, Energy Efficiency Investments
3/31/2014 House Science Committee Relying on More Industry Witnesses, Analysis Finds
3/24/2014 Colgate-Palmolive Latest Company to Jump on Deforestation-Free Palm Oil Bandwagon
3/24/2014 General Mills Commits to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
3/14/2014 Senate Vote to Roll Back Flood Insurance Reform Increases Climate Risk, Taxpayer Burdens
3/12/2014 Renewables Could Meet Nearly a Third of Michigan’s Energy Needs
3/10/2014 Senate All-Nighter on Climate Shows Resolve in the Face of Gridlock
3/7/2014 UCS’s Fourth Annual NRC Review Characterizes the Agency’s Performance as Improved but Still Inconsistent
3/7/2014 UCS’s Fourth Annual NRC Review Characterizes the Agency’s Performance as Improved but Still Inconsistent
3/5/2014 Iconic American Brands Contribute to Deforestation
3/4/2014 President Obama Formally Requests New Climate Resilience Funding From Congress
3/4/2014 UCS Names Kenneth Kimmell New President
3/4/2014 UCS Welcomes Energy Department Suspension of MOX Program in FY 2015 Budget Request
3/3/2014 Rule to Clean up Gasoline and Lower Tailpipe Emissions Finalized
3/29/2013 Lower Tailpipe Emissions Will Lead to Cleaner Air, More Jobs
3/29/2013 Ohio Senator Opposes Renewable Energy Standard He Once Supported, Linking it to Communist Policy
3/19/2013 Scientists Urge Ohio Senators to Continue Clean Energy Standards
3/19/2013 Warmer Springs Mean Less Snow Cover, Disruptions for Plants and Animals, and More Allergies, Scientists Say
3/18/2013 National Research Council Study Charts Course to a Half the Oil Future
3/18/2013 Union of Concerned Scientists Expert to Testify at Kalamazoo Energy Forum
3/15/2013 EPA Projects Highest Ever Fuel Economy in 2012, But It’s Just the Beginning
3/15/2013 Limited Media Access to Federal Scientists Persists Under Obama Administration
3/8/2013 Four Years Later, a Mixed Bag of New Scientific Integrity Policies at Federal Agencies
3/7/2013 UCS's Third Annual Review Finds NRC Still Inconsistent in Maintaining Nuclear Plant Safety
3/23/2012 Judge Rules FDA Must Act to Protect Americans from Overuse of Antibiotics in Livestock
3/7/2012 Farm Bill Offers Opportunity to Correct the Current Unsustainable Food System
3/5/2012 Union of Concerned Scientists Names Ricardo Salvador Director of Food and Environment Program
2/25/2019 More than 70 Oregon Scientists and Researchers Urge Oregon Legislature to Take Strong Climate Action
2/25/2019 U.S. House Hearing Will Expose Industry Disinformation and Its Consequences
2/22/2019 Self-Driving Vehicles Could Worsen Inequity in the DC Area—Unless We Act Now
2/21/2019 Maine Transmission Line Agreement Will Lower Northeast Carbon Emissions and Provide Economic Benefits at the Same Time
2/20/2019 Defying Law and Science, Trump Administration Ends Vehicles Talks With California and Signals Major Standards Rollback
2/20/2019 DOD, NSC Officials Say Climate Change is a National Security Risk, and Science is on Their Side
2/19/2019 ConocoPhillips Mentions “Climate” 28 Times in Its Annual Financial Report, But Fails to Outline How It Will Slash Emissions to Avoid Climate Change’s Worst Impacts
2/19/2019 There Are Much Better Options than a Space Force
2/15/2019 Emergency Declaration is Abuse of Authority
2/14/2019 Legislation Would Halt Ill-Conceived Trump Administration Plan to Move USDA Research Agencies
2/14/2019 EPA PFAS Plan Falls Short of a Real Commitment to Chemical Safety
2/8/2019 New ExxonMobil Climate Risk Report Parrots Much of Last Report
2/7/2019 Green New Deal Resolution Pushes Congress to Act on Climate
2/6/2019 Top Scientists Confirm 2018 Fourth Hottest Year on Record, Last Five Years Rank Hottest
2/5/2019 Latinos y los afroamericanos en California respiran alrededor de un 40 por ciento más de contaminación de vehículos que los californianos blancos
2/5/2019 Latinos and African-Americans in California Breathe about 40 Percent More Vehicle Pollution than White Californians
2/4/2019 Bernhardt Could Continue—or Even Increase—Damage Done to DOI in the Trump Era
2/1/2019 BP Backs Shareholder Climate Proposal
2/22/2018 New BLM Methane Rule Proposal Would Increase Pollution, Waste Public Resources
2/22/2018 UCS Board Member to be Awarded the 2018 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
2/21/2018 Science Advocates Tell Federal Employees: Write It Down
2/12/2018 MA Clean Energy Bill Addresses State Energy, Transportation and Climate Needs
2/12/2018 Trump’s Proposed Budget Eviscerates Federal Science, Rural and Environmental Programs
2/12/2018 Trump’s Infrastructure Plan a State Burden and Pretext for Regulatory Rollbacks
2/12/2018 Science Group to Survey Thousands of Federal Scientists
2/5/2018 Hartnett White’s Withdrawal as CEQ Nominee the Right Outcome for Science, Health
2/2/2018 Nuclear Posture Review Policies Increase Risk of Nuclear War
2/1/2018 Report: Trump Nuclear Posture Review Overstates China’s Nuclear Arsenal Modernization Plans
2/27/2017 Upcoming Survey Will Show Above-Average Snowpack in California
2/17/2017 Lawmakers Ignored Pruitt’s Record
2/13/2017 California’s Oroville Dam Crisis Illustrates Need to Plan for More Extreme Weather
2/13/2017 What Does the Self-Driving Vehicle Future Look Like?
2/9/2017 Trump Reportedly Calls New START ‘Bad Deal’ in Call with Putin
2/8/2017 Hasty Dakota Access Pipeline Approval Disrespects Community Needs, Scientific Process
2/7/2017 Science Group Lauds Resignation of ExxonMobil Citizenship Board Member, Move Signals Growing Concern About Company’s Attacks on Nonprofits
2/2/2017 Pruitt Passes Out of Senate Committee—Full Senate Must Reject Him
2/1/2017 Tillerson Receives Highest “No” Vote for Secretary of State, Science Group Expects Him To Uphold Paris Agreement, Recuse Himself from Exxon-Related Matters for Full Term
2/25/2016 Long-Overdue EPA Risk Management Program Rule Aims to Help At-Risk Communities, but Needs Significant Strengthening
2/23/2016 Clean Jobs Bill, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Economic Benefits for Illinois
2/23/2016 California Department of Water Resources Releases Draft Groundwater Regulations
2/22/2016 Stronger Clean Energy Policies, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Economic Rewards for Minnesota
2/22/2016 NREL Report Shows Wind and Solar Tax Credits will Cut Emissions and Drive More Renewable Development
2/17/2016 Stronger Clean Energy Policies, Carbon Trading Could Yield Significant Economic Rewards for Pennsylvania
2/10/2016 Supreme Court Decision to Temporarily Block Clean Power Plan Does Not Prevent States from Implementing It
2/9/2016 President Obama Calls for Doubling Funding for Key Agriculture Research Program in Proposed 2016 Budget
2/9/2016 Energy Department Expected to Slash MOX Program in FY 2017 Budget
2/8/2016 New Report Shows Oil Getting Dirtier, Alternatives Cleaner
2/3/2016 Turning Millions of Dollars into Billions for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania
2/1/2016 Scientists Call on Oregon Governor and State Legislature to take Climate Action During 2016 Session
2/25/2015 Report Finds Taxpayer-Funded Healthy School Lunches Can Have Lasting Health and Economic Benefits
2/24/2015 Investors, Science Group Pressure Oil Companies to Disclose Climate Risks
2/24/2015 MN Clean Energy Bill Would Boost State Economy at Minimal Cost
2/19/2015 Sustainability Is Within DGAC Mandate and Necessary for Good Dietary Guidelines
2/13/2015 UCS Comments on Outcome of Climate Talks in Geneva
2/10/2015 Georgia’s Leadership On Electric Vehicles Delivers Huge Benefits To Drivers
2/9/2015 Fossil Fuel Future Continues Under Upton's Energy Plan
2/28/2014 NRC Licensing Board Rebuffs Challenge to Shaw Areva MOX Services License to Operate South Carolina MOX Facility Despite Security Risks
2/20/2014 Kellogg’s Commits to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
2/19/2014 California Climate Scientists and Economists Urge Governor and Legislators to Make Steeper Reductions in Global Warming Emissions
2/18/2014 President Commits to Reducing Oil Use of Heavy Trucks
2/14/2014 Obama Announces Much Needed Resiliency Fund
2/11/2014 Union Of Concerned Scientists’ Book on Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Published Today Garners Rave Reviews
2/22/2013 California Energy Case Names Koch, Shows Need For Diverse Portfolio
2/14/2013 Michigan Governor Hearings on Energy Future Must Lead to Policy in 2014
2/13/2013 President Says Nation Should Heed Science, Act on Climate Change
2/11/2013 FERC Inquiry on Natural Gas Reliance
2/7/2013 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Should Reject Lawmakers’ Call for Watering Down, Slowing Down Post-Fukushima Safety Upgrades
2/6/2013 Report Shows Energy Efficiency and Renewables Are Best Alternatives for Replacing Duke’s Coal and Nuclear Plants
2/4/2013 Drivers Spend Almost as Much on Gas as They Paid for Their Cars
2/29/2012 USDA Documents Success Stories and Resources Available to Local Farmers
2/7/2012 Union of Concerned Scientists Gives Monsanto an ‘F’ in Sustainable Agriculture
1/30/2019 ‘No-First-Use’ Bills Introduced Today Would Strengthen US Security, Lessen Risk of Nuclear War
1/28/2019 New UCS Report Tallies Attacks on Science in Trump Era Harming Public Health
1/24/2019 National Report Shows Natural Gas Overreliance Keeps US Power Sector Emissions High Through 2050
1/24/2019 NRC Guts a Critical Safety Regulation, Recklessly Disregarding the Critical Lessons of the Fukushima Disaster
1/18/2019 Latest Defense Report Aims to Get Military Climate Ready, But Key Information Also Missing
1/17/2019 Governor Polis Points Colorado to a Clean-Transportation Future with New Executive Order
1/16/2019 New York Advances Ambitious Climate Proposal, But Must Address Transportation
1/10/2019 Scientists Say Washington Can Exceed Targets in Proposed Clean Fuels Program
1/7/2019 US Supreme Court Allows MA AG ExxonMobil Investigation to Continue
1/30/2018 Sixteen California Mayors Say Their City Buses Should Be Zero-Emission
1/29/2018 Former Top Interior Department Official to Work with UCS to Fight for Science, Democracy
1/26/2018 California Continues to Lead on Climate As Governor Sets Ambitious ZEV Target
1/24/2018 May 2017 Missile Defense Test Was Not Held Under Real-World Conditions, New Analysis Concludes
1/24/2018 Top Scientists Release Plan for Changing US Nuclear-Use Protocol
1/23/2018 President Trump’s Tariffs Put Massachusetts Jobs, Solar Industry at Risk
1/23/2018 Scientists Sue EPA Over Advisory Board Changes
1/23/2018 President Trump’s Tariffs Put California Jobs, Solar Industry at Risk
1/22/2018 President Trump’s Tariffs Put US Jobs, Solar Industry at Risk
1/20/2018 Government Shutdown Puts Americans at Risk
1/19/2018 Government Shutdown Disaster for Science, Leaves Health and Safety of Children in Limbo
1/18/2018 Trump Administration Undermines Independent Science Advice
1/12/2018 Leaked Nuclear Posture Review Lays Out Policy Changes That Would Increase Risk of Nuclear War
1/11/2018 New Study Finds Society Now Saves $6 for Every $1 Spent Preparing for Natural Disasters
1/10/2018 NYC Climate Lawsuit Hastens End of Fossil Fuel Industry Impunity for Climate Deception
1/9/2018 ExxonMobil’s Move to Countersue California Locales Seeking Climate Damages Another Intimidation Tactic to Evade Accountability
1/8/2018 FERC Was Right to Reject DOE Proposal to Bail Out Coal Plants
1/4/2018 Facing Scrutiny, President Trump’s “Voter Fraud” Commission Shuts Down
1/4/2018 New Hampshire Residents Send Letter to New EPA Regional Administrator, Raising Local Concerns
1/31/2017 Chao Must Continue Progress on Climate, Build Cleaner and Fairer Transportation System
1/30/2017 To Protect Climate, Senators Must Reject Resolution Overturning Methane Rules
1/30/2017 President Trump Signs Reckless Executive Order Requiring Agencies to Cut Two Rules for Every New One Issued
1/28/2017 President Trump’s Executive Order Targeting Muslims and Refugees Is Un-American and Inhumane  
1/25/2017 President Trump Can Attack Agency Science, But Can’t Delete Climate Change
1/24/2017 Trump Administration Moves to Muzzle Scientists, Block Research
1/19/2017 Secretary of Agriculture Pick is Quintessential Big Ag and Wrong Choice for Farmers, Workers and Eaters, Says Science Group
1/19/2017 Maine Scientists Tell Sens. Collins and King Pruitt “Unacceptable Choice”
1/18/2017 California Air Resources Board’s Review of Advanced Clean Cars Program Recommends Stronger Future Standards
1/18/2017 Science Group Offers Reaction to Perry’s Nomination Hearing for Energy Secretary Position
1/12/2017 EPA’s Determination on Vehicle Efficiency Will Ensure Continued Progress, Benefits
1/12/2017 Pruitt an “Unacceptable Choice,” Ohio Scientists Tell Sen. Portman
1/12/2017 Biden Announces Reduction in US Nuclear Stockpile, Expresses Support for No-First-Use Policy
1/11/2017 Pruitt an “Unacceptable Choice,” Tennessee Scientists Tell Sens. Alexander and Corker
1/11/2017 New House Bill Would Make Protecting Public Health and Safety Impossible
1/11/2017 Tillerson A Twisted Choice for Secretary of State and Future Leader of US Climate Action, Says Science Group
1/11/2017 Department of Energy Moves to Protect Science with Strong New Policy
1/6/2017 New National Park Service Report Gets Scientific, Historical Preservation Stamp of Approval
1/5/2017 Massachusetts Makes Smart Moves to Increase Electric Vehicle Access
1/3/2017 New Congress Kicks Off With Attacks on Science-based Public Health Protections
1/29/2016 California Water Commission Releases New Draft Regulations
1/28/2016 West Coast States Could Cut Petroleum Consumption in Half by 2030
1/27/2016 New Study Finds $3 Billion Boon to Iowa’s Economy if Supermarkets, Restaurants and Schools Bought More Locally Grown Food
1/25/2016 UCS Comments on Supreme Court Decision on Demand Response
1/22/2016 BLM Methane Rule a Welcome Step in Reducing Global Warming Pollution
1/22/2016 Mid-Atlantic Blizzard to Cause Coastal Flooding
1/21/2016 Statement from UCS President Ken Kimmell on Today's Clean Power Plan Court Decision
1/20/2016 Science Group Lauds California Attorney General’s Move to Investigate ExxonMobil
1/20/2016 2015 Hottest Year on Record
1/18/2016 Science Group Runs Ad in Early Primary State Underscoring Climate Threat
1/15/2016 Halting New Coal Leases on Public Lands Makes Economic, Environmental Sense
1/13/2016 Carbon Trading Program Could Yield Significant Rewards for Virginia
1/12/2016 National Food Policy Fails, But These Cities Show the Way Forward
1/7/2016 Dietary Guidelines Fall Short in Following the Science and Protecting the Public
1/29/2015 Executive Order to Strengthen Flood Risk Standard Smart Move
1/28/2015 UCS Supports Common Sense Virginia Coastal Protection Bill
1/28/2015 UCS Urges Senate to Adopt Climate Change Resiliency Amendment
1/27/2015 To Avoid Worst Consequences of Climate Change, Solutions Must Include Land Use Sector
1/26/2015 Northeast Blizzard: Nature + Climate Change = Worse
1/20/2015 Study Finds Producing 40 Percent of Power from Renewable Energy in Minnesota Would Spur $6 Billion in Clean Energy Investments and Boost Rural Economies
1/16/2015 2014 a Record Hot Year
1/13/2015 Energy Department Should Replace Costly Mixed Oxide Nuclear Fuel Program with Safer, Cheaper Alternatives, Report Finds
1/12/2015 House Bill Would Undermine Public Health and Environmental Protections
1/6/2015 Congress Shouldn’t Force Through the Keystone XL Pipeline – and President Obama Would Be Right to Veto It
1/5/2015 California Governor Announces New Goals to Substantially Lower Carbon Emissions by 2030
1/29/2014 President Obama Makes Case for Climate Action in State of the Union
1/28/2014 Farm Bill Offers Seeds of Change for Industry Accustomed to Status Quo
1/24/2014 Diplomat, Veteran, Peace Advocate Jonathan Dean Dead at 89
1/24/2014 West Virginia Scientists Call on Federal Agencies to Stop Blocking Information Requests on Chemical Spill
1/22/2014 California Governor Says Drought is a “Stark Warning” of What is to Come with a Changing Climate
1/21/2014 New Report Sets a Course for Cleaner Freight Transportation in California
1/17/2014 Drought Emergency Declared in California
1/15/2014 Major Companies Disagree with Trade Groups on Climate Policy
1/14/2014 Despite Drop in Coal Use, Most States Remain Dependent on Coal Imports, Draining Billions from Local Economies
1/31/2013 New EPA Rules Use Food Crop Biofuels to Make up for Cellulosic Shortfall
1/29/2013 California Debates Implementing Deforestation Partnership for Carbon Offsets
1/16/2013 President Obama Pledges to Lift Restrictions on Federally Funded Gun Research
1/15/2013 Task Force Reportedly Recommends Lifting Federal Gun Violence Research Restrictions
1/11/2013 Federal Advisory Committee Releases Draft National Climate Assessment
1/8/2013 2012 Hottest Year on Record for United States
1/8/2013 Georgia Power Announces Closure of Power Plants Science Group Identified As Ripe For Retirement
1/4/2013 Survey of FDA Scientists Reveals Food Safety Concerns
1/2/2013 New Year’s Day Farm Bill Extension a Giant Step Backward
1/26/2012 Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future Slated to Release Final Report on Commercial Nuclear Waste this Afternoon