Catalyst Past Issues

Catalyst Past Issues

Highlights from Spring 2019


Are Fossil Fuel Companies Destroying Marine Ecosystems?

A History of UCS Accomplishments









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Highlights from Winter 2019


50 Years of Science and Action

Art for Science Rising









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Highlights from Fall 2018


The California Green Rush: How UCS Helped Point the Way

Examining the Science of Voting

Federal Scientists Speak on the State of Science under President Trump







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Highlights from Summer 2018


Calculating the Trump Administration's Threat to the Air We Breathe

The Looming Coastal Real Estate Bust









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Highlights from Spring 2018


EPA Rollbacks Are Hurting Americans Where They Live

Science Advocacy That Gets Results

The Meeting That Struck Fear into the Heart of ExxonMobil







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Highlights from Winter 2018


Exposing Corporate Disinformation

Reasons for Optimism









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Highlights from Fall 2017


The Trump Administration Is Trying to Sideline Science. UCS Is Fighting Back

A Dwindling Role for Coal









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Highlights from Summer 2017


Sea Level Rise Hits Home

Memo to President Trump: Let’s Avoid a Nuclear Arms Race









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Highlights from Spring 2017


Clean Energy Takes Hold
New UCS analysis shows that renewable energy is riding a wave of momentum in states across the country. Which states are leading the way to a cleaner future?

In Challenging Times, UCS Supporters Take Action
An energized membership pushes back and gets creative.






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Highlights from Winter 2017


Standing Strong for Science and Democracy
UCS is ready to respond when Trump administration policies threaten public health and safety.

Science for Environmental Justice
UCS is partnering with groups in threatened communities on analysis tailored to meet their local needs—and achieve shared goals.






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Fall 2016









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Summer 2016









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Spring 2016









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Winter 2016









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Fall 2015









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Summer 2015









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Spring 2015









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Fall 2014

Catalyst Fall 2014









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Summer 2014

Catalyst Summer 2014









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Fall 2013

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Summer 2013

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Spring 2013

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Fall 2012

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Summer 2012

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Spring 2012

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Fall 2011

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Summer 2011

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Spring 2011

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Fall 2010

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