Fall 2012

Member Profile: Science Is One of This Family's Values | Catalyst Fall 2012


This Family Values Science

Early in their relationship, UCS members Randy Smith and Lori Kenschaft of Arlington, MA, made a “wonderfully freeing” decision: no matter how much their income changes each year, they give 10 percent to organizations they believe do highly effective work on issues that are important to them.

Randy, an engineer at Google, and Lori, a community activist, have included UCS in their annual giving since 2002 for three reasons. First, UCS shares their goal of addressing the critical issues of climate change and sustainable agriculture. Second, they look for organizations that can change minds and they know UCS is persuasive, having seen our scientists quoted in the news and having used our publications in their own educational work. Finally, they feel that UCS “strengthens the virtues of reason, rationality, and facts as critical to the process of solving problems.”

Green Living: Good for the Soul

Randy and Lori put their values into action by pursuing change in their own community. Their success with habitat-oriented gardening (which relies on mostly native plants that feed bees and butterflies and do not need extra water) has motivated Lori to offer gardening classes and consultations and establish eco-friendly gardens in public areas around town. Lori also helped create a “green sanctuary” at her Unitarian Universalist church, which has not only made the building more energy efficient but also fostered a sense of environmental stewardship among parishioners. 

We’re proud to have Randy and Lori as part of our diverse and vibrant community of supporters—people who, like UCS, develop innovative solutions for a healthier environment and a safer world.