Spring 2012

Member Profile: Retirement Hasn't Slowed Her Down | Catalyst Spring 2012


Retirement Hasn’t Slowed Her Down

When Helen Winsted, 97, was growing up on a South Dakota farm, she says “living green” was simply the norm. Today she beams with pride when talking about her retirement community, Frasier Meadows in Boulder, CO, where she has been a member of the recycling committee since moving there in 2001, and four years later persuaded the CEO to participate in Boulder’s subsidized energy audit program.

“When we learned we were only 65 to 70 percent energy-efficient, [we] rolled up our sleeves and got to work making some big changes,” says Facilities Director Chuck Wellman. After installing compact fluorescent lightbulbs, high-efficiency boilers, and 500 new windows, Frasier Meadows’ efficiency numbers jumped all the way up to 95 percent according to Wellman.

Living Green in the Golden Years

Why has Helen supported UCS for more than a quarter of her life? “That’s easy!,” she exclaims. “UCS works to clean up and protect our most precious resources: air, land, and waterways. I want to do whatever I can to support the fight for reducing pollution and protecting the environment.” She also shares our belief that individuals can make a difference in global problems. “Seniors want to jump on the green bandwagon if you just show them how. We understand that going green is a healthy and safe choice that not only benefits our own life but also contributes to the greater whole.”

As for her own small part of the world, Helen says the residents and management of Frasier Meadows “are not about to rest on our laurels now. There is always more to do.” Next up: water conservation measures including sprinkler timers and low-water plantings.