Catalyst Summer 2016

What steps do you think are most important on the road to a sustainable climate?

What Our Members Are Saying

The fossil fuel industry wants us to forget the gigantic subsidy they receive in releasing carbon dioxide for free. As soon as we add a price for that release, even if it is just a fraction of the cost of the harm caused by the release, no subsidies will be needed for the renewable energy companies to flourish.

Chadwick Cox, Norman, OK


Living in Germany for three months showed me that the United States needs a national passenger train infrastructure like the national interstate highway system. In addition to creating cars that don't pollute, a regional and national train system would offer an alternative to flying and driving that could help ensure a sustainable climate.

Mary Voight, St. Paul, MN


I'd tax all greenhouse emissions and sources at a rate high enough to reflect the cost of the damage to climate, health, and loss of species. This would include fuels, agriculture, deforestation, etc. And then I'd use the funds to develop and convert to clean technology.

Benjamin Wiener, Carpinteria, CA


Most people won't migrate to a new technology unless they have a financial incentive to do so. We simply need to assign the true cost to each fuel type, including its polluting content. Attach a fee to all dirty fuels, then return the proceeds from that fee to the American public, or apply it to clean fuel research.

Tim Wallace, Zim, MN


There is good evidence that healthy soil can sequester an enormous amount of carbon-when it is allowed to. [Confined animal feeding] operations [CAFOs] contribute disproportionately high levels of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, both through the growing of feed and the transportation of that feed to the "factory farms," and through methane emanations from animals' digestive processes and manure "lagoons." Policies that crack down on CAFO pollution and encourage or require sustainable levels of grass pasturing for livestock would greatly alleviate this situation.

Louise Quigley, Braintree, MA


  1. Keep pushing on the Clean Power Plan.
  2. Support grassroots political action by publishing lists of legislators who support movement toward low carbon and those who don't, along with supporting information.
  3. Remember the "Scientists" in your name: Continue making the science clear and nonpartisan (including citations) along with how to refute climate deniers and supporting research where applicable.

Amy Bouska, Cresco, lA


UCS has been the MOST credible source of scientific information on the most important issues for decades. The fact that UCS has exposed Exxon and they are seeking retaliation shows we are right again. Support UCS and work against climate change.

Ruth Elaine Robison