Catalyst Winter 2017

Calling All Members

Union of Concerned Scientists

Photo: Audrey Eyring

By Ken Kimmell

UCS President Ken Kimmell

After a divisive and dispiriting election season, we face a political situation in Washington that threatens science, our democratic system of government, and our planet’s ecosystems. There is no sugarcoating the fact that many of the hard-won gains we have made on climate change and many other issues now stand in jeopardy.

At UCS, we have already begun to mobilize with vigor and determination, making dramatic shifts in the organization to do everything in our power to prevent the rollback of laws that protect the health and safety of Americans. And we have only just begun. We will need your help in these efforts as never before, and will be reaching out to you frequently to help us stand strong and fight for the principles we believe in.

Among these, we at UCS reject rhetoric and actions that divide the nation by race, religion, gender, geography, or any other factor. We stand shoulder to shoulder with people across the country who are facing increasing incidents of harassment and hate. We will work each day to dispel the utterly false notion that protecting our natural environment conflicts with boosting our economy. We will continue our work with states and companies across the country that are working to build a clean energy infrastructure and reassure anxious nations that the United States is still their partner. We will redouble our efforts to prevent a new, destabilizing nuclear arms race. And we will work with cities across the country to boost access to healthy, affordable, and sustainably grown food.

UCS has an indispensable role to play in championing the need to base our governmental decisions on the best possible scientific and technical data. Facts matter more than ever in the current environment, and you can count on UCS to stand up for them and the vital role they play in bridging the partisan divide and informing the practical policy solutions we need.

Ken Kimmell Photo: Richard Howard