Catalyst Winter 2017

What Our Members Are Saying

Our Facebook page and Twitter feed have been lighting up with statements from members and supporters who are standing up for science. Here’s a sampling…

In response to the election:

@mfwells5: Fellow #scientists are you scared yet? We must be louder and more active in the political system. The future of our work is at stake @ucsusa

Natalie Helen Nucho: I joined today! We can no longer afford to stay inactive. Glad to help in any way I can.



In response to our call to reject Scott Pruitt as administrator of the EPA:

Nancy Coscarelli: You’re going to have to change your name to the Union of Completely Freaked Out Scientists.

Heather McDonald: This is a critical point in our planet's future. We cannot be silent. We need a leader, we need organization, and we need courage stat!!!! We don't want to have to explain to our grandchildren why we didn't act when it mattered the most.



In response to our open letter to federal scientists (see our Standing Strong for Science article):

Robbie Emmet: I love this! Thank you! I'm in grad school now, hoping to work as a quantitative ecologist for a government agency, so this is very heartening to read!

Glenn Black: This letter says it all so succinctly...I know about this because I worked as a government scientist for 34 years.

Michele Blust: And thank YOU SCIENTISTS for all your hard work!



Other feedback:

@SarahFRobinson: World’s top scientists are warning us about global warming—convincingly, eloquently @UCSUSA @NOAAClimate #climate

@drbeba82 @NBCNews Every part of this administration is showing its bias [against] scientific fact. WE AS SCIENTISTS MUST CHALLENGE THIS @UCSUSA