Enewsletter: Are your crackers causing climate change?

Enewsletter: Are your crackers causing climate change?
February 2014: Are your crackers causing climate change?

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Tropical Deforestation and Palm Oil Infographic

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palm oil plantation

The trouble with toothpaste.

Part of the problem with palm oil is that very few of us have heard of it. Most of us don't know it's an ingredient in the products we buy or that it contributes to global warming. So be part of the solution—help raise awareness about what palm oil is, how it's causing global climate change, and how we can pressure companies to adopt deforestation-free palm oil policies.

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 Reuters: Biggest palm oil trader agrees to greater rainforest protection.

 Palm oil: what’s the solution?

 Palm oil and global warming fact sheet (pdf).

 MSNBC: One month after the initial spill, UCS senior energy analyst Jeremy Richardson and other experts discuss the water safety situation in West Virginia.


Ask a Scientist

Calen May-Tobin

Calen May-Tobin, M.S.,
Policy Analyst,
Tropical Forests & Climate Initaitive

Calen's blog >>

"I was wondering if all palm oil contributes to deforestation or if it’s possible to produce it in a more environmentally sustainable way?"—A. Hansen, Asbury, NJ

The short answer is no, not all palm oil contributes to deforestation, and yes, it can be produced sustainably. Palm oil, which comes from the fruit of oil palm trees, is a great crop for a number of reasons. But, as you point out, too often the land used for palm oil trees comes at the expense of tropical forests, and cutting down intact forests is incredibly destructive. Fortunately, there are ways to produce more palm oil without harming forests. READ MORE

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palm oil infographic

What's the connection between crackers and climate change?
Check out our new infographic that connects the dots between climate change and crackers, cookies, and other products you use daily. READ MORE

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Got Science

Will the latest court ruling in a climate scientist's libel trial turn the tables on climate deniers?


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  Steve Clemmer: Overreliance on Natural Gas: Risky for the Climate and the Economy

  Celia Wexler: Thanks to You, We Won The "Sound Science" Battle

  Gretchen Goldman: Alabama Scientists Drive 900 Miles to Fill Information Gaps in West Virginia Water Crisis


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