Combatting Disinformation Danger

Published Mar 14, 2023

Social media analyst Erin McAweeney pulls back the curtain on how disinformation spreads across Facebook and Twitter.

Guest byline

Erin McAweeney is a senior analyst at Graphika, focusing on online social movements, election integrity, and health misinformation. Her recent work uses open-source social media data to map the global spread of mis- and disinformation related to the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccines.

In this episode

Colleen and Erin talk about:

  • how we can use science to track disinformation on social media
  • how anti-vaccination, QAnon, and climate denial clusters infiltrate each other
  • what story the data can tell
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Vaccine FAQ segment: Casey Kalman
Editing: Colleen MacDonald
Additional editing: Omari Spears
Editing and music: Brian Middleton
Research and writing: Jiayu Liang and Pamela Worth
Executive producer: Rich Hayes
Host: Colleen MacDonald

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