Sandy, One Year Later

Looking to the Future

Published Sep 5, 2012 Updated Sep 6, 2013

October 29, 2013 | Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ.

Superstorm Sandy flooded cities and changed coastlines, causing $75 billion in damage and making it the second-costliest extreme weather event in U.S. history.

But the consequences would have been far worse without modern science.

One year after Superstorm Sandy made landfall, UCS co-sponsored a full-day forum to discuss how the application of scientific information can make communities more resilient and help the region plan for the future. 

Presented by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Monmouth University, New Jersey Future, and the New Jersey Recovery Fund

Webcast highlights:

Morning Session: Peter Reinhart and Paul R. Brown

Introductions and Keynotes: Chris Daggett, Patrick Murray, Christine Todd Whitman, Adm. Thad Allen

Keynote Q&A

Session One: Andrew Rosenberg, Tony Janetos, Ben Strauss, John Miller, Megan Linkin

Session One Q&A

Session Two: Peter Kasabach, Chris Sturm, Nicky Sheats, Alyssa Durnien, Lisa Auermuller

Session Two Q&A

Session Three: Tony MacDonald, Ralph LaRossa, Chris Hager, Brie Hensold, Mark Mauriello

Session Three Q&A

Closing Keynote by James Florio and Wrap-up

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