Catalyst Spring 2018

What Our Members Are Saying

Here’s a sampling of recent feedback from the UCS Facebook page and Twitter feed

On the withdrawal of Kathleen Hartnett White's nomination

Claudia Coble: Contemplating the possibility that she would be joining forces with [EPA administrator] Scott Pruitt caused me to experience panic attacks, bouts of unspeakable anger and outrage, and profound sorry. I'm exaggerating—a bit—but am thrilled she is out of the running

Hector Carballosa: I watched a bit of the hearing. I almost felt sorry for her until I realized she's [representative] of the inability of this government and many citizens to find consensus on solutions: too many rich folks think they know more than lifelong science professionals.


On this winter's record low levels of arctic ice

@kbjurgens: What's abnormal is the lack of #US #leadership in the face of perilous #climatechange #RunForSomething

Jim Goodwin: Hope is can be adapted to, as we are unlikely to change our lifestyle patterns (emissions) in any meaningful way. Has happened before but probably not in such a short period of time.

John Fabel: We don't get a "do-over" with climate change.


On Electric Vehicle Love Day (a.k.a. Valentine's Day)

@MikeSalisbury78: Doubt thou that EVs reduced cost, Doubt that EVs' performance does impress, Doubt their lovely lack of exhaust, But never double that EVs emit less #EVlove @UCSUSA

@DHGriff: #EVlove Had to start my new grandson off right. His first ride (home from the hospital) was in a Tesla

@AmyTidd: Happy #EVlove Day! We love our Nissan Leaf and are so happy to pass by gas stations on our way around town. The acceleration is awesome!

Talia Rose: Have not bought gas or done an oil change in 18 months—woohoo!