Catalyst Spring 2019

What Our Members Are Saying

Here’s a sampling of recent feedback from the UCS Facebook page and Twitter feed

On the Union of Concerned Scientists’ 50th anniversary

@ScienceMarchDC: Happy 50th anniversary @UCSUSA! Thank you for all you do in standing up for science & justice! #ScienceNotSilence #UCS50

Star Thomas: Keep up the good work—we need all the creative, innovative minds we can get.

@anjalikumar6: I am a proud supporter & ally. Happy 50th Birthday! #UCS50

On the EPA now getting more science advice from industry representatives than university or independent scientists

Jeanette Salisbury Supple: This should frighten all people who prefer clean air and water and believe in climate change.

Sylvia Jane Townsend: More foxes guarding the henhouse.

Nancy Federman Kaplan: EPA desperately needs to be rescued from this wrecking crew!

@SachaSpector: Climate denial has no place in the @EPA. Thanks @UCSUSA for speaking up for science!

On New Mexico committing to 100 percent carbon-free electricity

Kirsten Whetstone: You go New Mexico! This is progressive and smart. Land of Enchantment for a reason!

Janelle London: Awesome! Next step: transition away from polluting gasoline vehicles to electric ones ASAP. Plenty of free NM sunshine available to fuel them.

Marie Jackson: Let those who say it can’t be done get out of the way of those who are doing it.

On EPA advisors sidelining science on air pollution standards

Tanner Drummond: What else should we use in place of science?

Traci Barela: Live in a high-particulate country and then tell me you think this is good.

Sarah Oh: It should be criminal to deface and deregulate standing health and air quality protections for profit.

Lin Sirenas: Sure, because we all realize it’s logical to base our environmental protections on corporate profits rather than hard science.