Catalyst Summer 2017

What Our Members Are Saying

Here’s a sampling of recent feedback from the UCS Facebook page and Twitter feed

On President Trump's Decision to Withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement

Norine Dobiesz: I don't get it! Trump said pulling out of the agreement will create jobs. Why wouldn't staying in create jobs—jobs created by innovation to address climate change?

Kenneth Garm This is one of two end-of-civilization-as-we-know-it hot topics for me. . . . How can we, a powerful, developed country, not work with the rest of the world to address an issue that could change the lives of our children and grandchildren?

@RobertGeertsen8: It truly is about priorities. Why put the health of our planet such a distant second?

Michelle Boyer-White:We have now joined Nicaragua and Syria—the only countries that did not sign the Paris climate accord. China has been waiting for a leadership position and Trump just gave them the opportunity. . . . It is like we were in the computer age and Trump has just taken the US back to paper and pencil.



Why Did You Participate in the March for Science and/or People's Climate March?

Phyllis Kaufman: Because it's our only home. There is no planet B. A good parasite does NOT kill its host.

Marisel Brown: Every journey begins with the first step. . . . There is much more work ahead; however, for the first time I can recall, science as a critical cornerstone of modern society was a news story. Keep on keeping on white coats!

Christina Nichols Blanchard-Horan: Science is founded in facts—something this administration is ignoring. The people will not stand for it. Not this scientist nor any others that I know.

Susan Clark Hughes: The earth needs our help, so do the scientists.


In our “How It Works” article on self-driving vehicles (Spring 2017), we wrote that the vehicles’ onboard radar system sends out sound waves to detect objects. Radar systems send out electromagnetic waves, not sound waves. We regret the error.