Maryam Zaringhalam speaks at a science march
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Science Watchdogs

Because the world needs scientists who speak up.

Because the world needs scientists who speak up.

Attacking federal scientists. Censoring scientific data. Gutting science-based safeguards. These are just a few of the many ways some members of Congress have made clear their disregard for the role of science in our democracy.

The stakes are high—but the UCS Science Network, tapping into the growing energy in the scientific community, is committed to the fight. And this new Congress session brings with it all new opportunities to hold legislators accountable for their attacks on science and public protections.

That’s why the UCS Science Network is leading a campaign for scientists and experts to join together in watchdogging for science.

Whether it’s speaking with the media, delivering testimony and public comments, exposing misinformation or missing data, or building relationships with their legislators' offices—we’ll give you the tools and opportunities you need to most effectively push back on attacks on science, and to push for science-informed solutions. Join us to make a greater impact—it's needed now more than ever.

Valuable tools: Level up your involvement

  • Scientist Advocacy Toolkit, offering hands-on guides and resources for taking local action.
  • Seasonal, skills-building webinars build your strength in science communications and advocacy.
  • The Science for the Public Good Fund provides needed financial support to Science Network watchdoggers planning local campaigns.
  • Bi-monthly online conferences give watchdoggers a chance to connect and get news on the latest threats to science.
  • Don’t forget to join the LinkedIn and @SciNetUCS Twitter communities to get the latest updates in the world of science and policy, connect with fellow scientist advocates, and share news, resources, and opportunities