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We know that when we come together and fight back, we can win. That's why a brand new initiative—Science Champions—is underway to fight back against the Trump administration's attacks on science, public health, and the environment.


Climate-denying Kathleen Hartnett-White has withdrawn her nomination to be President Trump's chief environmental advisor. You helped make this happen. Thank you. Read our statement.

It’s the State of the Union

... of Concerned Scientists! Here is our vision for 2018: Major fights we’re up against and our plan to build a more powerful movement and win. Listen here! 

These times demand real and meaningful action. Science Champions are leaders in this fight—and are ready to step up and make their voices heard. Whether it’s engaging with your local community and media, flooding Congress with calls, or meeting directly with your member of Congress, we’ll give you all the tools you need to make a difference.

As a Science Champion, you will receive exclusive invitations to calls with our top scientists and experts at critical moments, learn about the most effective tactics for fighting back, and join the resistance to the Trump administration's relentless attacks on science. Sign up today to learn more and get started!

Crucial Fights, Happening Now: Take Action!

Lift the Research Ban on Gun Violence at the CDC

This is a moment of rare opportunity. Tell your senators to act now.

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Protect Our Health and Safety: No Funding Cuts for the EPA!

Tell your senators to protect critical funding for the EPA.

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Fight for Cleaner Cars

Automakers are using a page straight from the disinformation playbook to get Congress to roll back historic progress on vehicle efficiency

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Increase Your Influence: Science Champion Webinars

  • February Call to Action for the February Congressional Recess — This February, 2018 webinar features Sunni Ivey, a professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside, who describes her recent meeting with Senator Heller from Nevada, as well as a discussion on meaningful actions you can take when members of Congress return to their home districts.
  • Science Champions: Different Voices, Same Message — This January, 2018 webinar teaches how to effectively build diverse delegations to stand up for science and learn about opportunities to invite different voices to the conversation.
  • Science Champions: How to Lobby — This slide deck from our August, 2017 webinar provides step-by-step guidance for Science Champions on how to plan, conduct, and follow up on an in-person meeting with your senator. 
  • Science Champions: How to Write a Letter to the Editor — This October 2017, webinar explains how Science Champions can write as effective an LTE as possible.