We Deserve to Have Cleaner Cars

Automakers are using a page right out of the disinformation playbook to get not only Congress, but the Trump administration to roll back historic progress on vehicle efficiency.

The Trump administration has flat-lined the rules on clean car standards after 2020 and they are now attacking states’ long-standing authority to set or opt into stronger standards. These standards were one of the BIGGEST climate victories in recent years. They are good for public health, job creation, and the environment. This attack on cleaner cars may be some automakers’ idea of a dream come true, but it’s not what the American people want – or need. This is such an unpopular move that more than 150 members of Congress – including Democrats, Republicans and Independents – have publicly denounced the Trump administration’s plans. Help us put a stop to this attack by thanking these members of Congress and raising public awareness with a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. We need your help pushing back against the Trump Administration and telling them that we want cleaner cars!

Photo: Ford Motor Company/CC0

We won these cleaner car standards thanks in part to the tens of thousands of UCS supporters who helped fight for them, and now we need your help to make sure they stay strong, especially in states that have gone the extra mile with a commitment to even stronger standards.

So what can you do?

This attempt to take away the cleaner, more efficient cars we want – and the lower climate pollution we need – has made news around the country, and we need your help keeping up momentum and raising a large outcry of opposition. You’ll be able to weigh in during the public comment period, and there will also be public hearings. But right now, we need Science Champions like you to help us spread the word on the most-read page of your local paper: the opinions section.

And if you’re represented in Congress by any of the more than 150 senators and representatives who have publicly condemned the Trump administration’s actions, we need your help thanking them for their leadership. It’s equally important, when we’re calling out the bad actions of someone like President Trump, that we call out good actions too, thanking the elected officials who stand up for science.

Did you write a letter to the editor?

Thank you for taking action! Please let us know how it went, so we can highlight the impact that UCS supporters like you are having! It only takes a minute to fill out the survey—your input is greatly appreciated!

These cleaner car standards work. They are currently reducing oil consumption, benefiting public health, cutting global warming pollution, creating jobs, and saving consumers billions at the pump! That’s why we won’t let them be flat-lined without a fight.

Take a few minutes this week to write a short letter to the editor – 200 words or less – to your local paper, calling out the threat to our wallets and our climate if the Trump administration rolls back our clean car standards. And if you see your senator or representative on this list of 150+ members of Congress vocally opposing this attack on science, please thank them in your letter to the editor.

Talking points are below to help guide you. And don’t forget to make it personal – how have you benefited from our fuel efficiency standards? What does cutting global warming pollution mean to you? You can also learn more about how to write an effective letter to the editor and you can use these state-by-state fact sheets to show how the standards, if they stay in effect, will benefit your state.

Suggested talking points for your letter to the editor:

  • The clean car standards, also known as fuel economy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards, have reduced oil consumption, benefited public health, cut global warming pollution, created jobs, and saved consumers BILLIONS at the pump (currently over $64 billion)!
  • The Trump administration is ignoring science and using bogus analysis to justify rolling back the current working clean car standards.
  • [If one or more of your members of Congress publicly spoke out against the Trump administration’s announcement to roll back our clean car standards – click here to find out] I was proud to see Representative/Senator X speak out against the Trump administrations actions and stand up for the cleaner, more efficient cars we need.
  • This attack on clean cars is going to cost consumers real money. Click here for our state fact sheets and include a fact like “If we keep the standards in place, we can expect 15,700 new jobs in Tennessee!”
  • According to the Trump administration’s own research, the roll back will cost tens of thousands of jobs. Auto states, such as TN, OH, and MI, are likely to be affected by these actions.
  • Tell the Trump administration that you oppose the rollback of the cleaner cars standards.

This administration has also launched an unprecedented attack on state authority, targeting 13 states (soon to include CO) and DC— representing 118 million Americans and making up a third of the U.S. auto market – all because of their dedication to strong clean car standards.

  • The states that are currently being targeted are California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, District of Columbia, and soon to be Colorado.
  • If you live in one of the states above, it is incredibly important that you write an LTE to your local paper thanking the legislators of your state for their leadership on clean cars and encouraging them to stay strong and fight back.

Learn more about this attack here and here.

Please let us know if you’ve submitted an LTE, and how it went, so we can measure our impact!

Last revised date: August 23, 2018