From climate impacts to food policy, decisions informed by scientific evidence yield better outcomes for our health, safety, and prosperity. And yet, too often in recent years, scientific evidence and data have been sidelined and misrepresented as powerful corporate interests inject misinformation into debates in the media and on the floors of the U.S. Congress and state legislatures. With science under attack from many quarters, UCS is working to defend the role of science in our democracy and support those scientists who speak out about the implications of their findings. Here’s how you can help!

Take Action Online

Take action in your life

As citizens in a democracy, we all need to stand up for science—pushing back against misinformation, demanding transparency from corporations and government, and advocating for evidence-based solutions to our common problems.  

Make your voice heard

Your policy makers and fellow citizens need to hear from you. Speak out at a public meeting. Write a letter to the editor. Contact your legislators.

Experts: Join the Science Network

If you are a scientist, engineer, economist, or health professional, and you'd like to help strengthen the role of science in our democracy, the Science Network needs you. Join thousands of other experts working toward evidence-based solutions to our biggest challenges.

Access the Fracking Toolkit

If you are live in a community facing decisions about fracking, our new informational toolkit is for you. The toolkit will help you identify critical issues about potential impacts of fracking, distinguish reliable information from spin and misinformation, and engage with scientists, journalists, and other key players in your community.

We Need Your Support
to Make Change Happen

We can ensure that decisions about our health, safety, and environment are based on the best available science—but not without you. Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future.