Catalyst Winter 2018

What Our Members Are Saying

Here’s a sampling of recent feedback from the UCS Facebook page and Twitter feed

On Sam Clovis withdrawing his nomination for a top USDA science position

Dan Cohan: Thank you UCS for helping to make this happen! Perhaps we are beginning to see an end to Trump's anti-science, anti-environmental, and climate change denial agenda.

Judith Broadhurst: Kudos to the academics and scientists who wrote the letter objecting to his appointment.

Gretchen Henkel Clark: So appreciate all the advocacy from UCS!


On the EPA banning scientists with EPA grants from serving on agency advisory boards

Dar Eckert: So, now who watches the watchdog agency?

@rabbijonathan: The EPA is [there] to protect citizens and the environment. It is not there to protect the industries that exploit our environment for profit.

Peter Stokdijk: If you don't use real facts and science, what are you going to use to make decisions regarding health, food safety, climate protection, and environmental safeguards?


On coal's dwindling role

David Evans: I'd rather pay the production cost of pollution prevention as a consumer, than for pollution cleanup as a taxpayer. Polluters shift part of the cost of production from their product to the taxpayer.

Jason Spiller: If oil, coal, and gas are so awesome, why do they have to be propped up by subsidies?

Tom Laubenthal: Time to move away from coal . . . it's really clear. But we have to invest in education where these jobs are lost.


On the need to preserve strong federal vehicle efficiency standards

Phillip Valentine: Efficiency is always cost-effective. The naysayers on pollution and mileage are dead wrong: low-emissions and fuel-saving vehicles have made a huge difference in our economy and health.

@kbjurgens: The planet will thank you for it. Win-win, people. Driving cleaner and smarter helps all of us. #ClimateAction #ClimateVoter #RegulationsSaveLives