Catalyst Winter 2019

What Our Members Are Saying

Here’s a sampling of recent feedback from the UCS Facebook page and Twitter feed

On the Trump administration ignoring the National Climate Assessment

Roxanne Bittman: It’s as if they think shifting the focus to look less dire will change the outcome. It won’t.

Heath Moody: Or they understand and just don’t care because they don’t feel like they’ll be around to deal with the consequences. That’s how self-serving it seems like these people are.

William Simpson: When will the attacks on scientists and scientific studies end?

Yves Archambault: Fortunately, there are a lot of hardworking people at the state and municipal levels who have a clear vision of what has to be done.

On Koch-funded attacks on the federal electric vehicle tax credit

Marged Wakeley: Every improvement in auto safety and pollution have been fought tooth and nail, since the beginning.

Tony Peters: Koch can’t stop it! The carmakers already know where this is going. Oil burners are dinosaurs!

Linda Khandro: The future of transportation is fraught with complex challenges. But nothing positive will happen if we do not make it happen, even if it seems like one slow baby step at a time.

@Suzwarto: Over $152 million to kill the EV tax credit? They want fewer electric cars, increased global warming, and more air pollution and health problems so they can be richer. Awful!

On the USDA plan to move two research offices away from Washington, DC

Paul R. Cordeiro: Wow. This is worse than anyone can imagine. The USDA is the main reason farmers are so successful. Data science saves lives. This administration is purposely deconstructing what keeps us safe.

Nancy Federman Kaplan: Completely consistent with this gang’s general war on science, across all departments.

Nancy Christine Winne: Because when you appoint people devoid of education and experience, the only purpose can be for destroying the very system they head.