December 17, 2014

Washington Governor Proposes Actions to Lower State's Carbon Emissions

Press Statement by Adrienne Alvord, Union of Concerned Scientists

SEATTLE (December 17, 2014) — Washington Gov. Jay Inslee took meaningful action today to cut carbon pollution by proposing a set of policies that would hold major polluters accountable for their carbon emissions and increase the use of renewable energy and electric vehicles in the state.

The Carbon Pollution Accountability Act and other legislative proposals put forward by Gov. Inslee are a significant step forward in fighting climate change and air pollution, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). If approved, the policies would help to comply with Washington state law that requires a reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, and 25 percent lower than that by 2035.

Below is a statement by Adrienne Alvord, UCS California and Western States Director.

“The science is telling us that now is the time to act to avoid the worst consequences of climate change and I am gratified that Gov. Inslee has shown the courage and commitment to take action this year. The governor’s proposed climate measures are a significant step forward for Washington toward achieving a low-carbon transportation future and reaping the benefits of the clean energy economy.

“Placing a price on carbon through a market-based system sends a powerful signal to industrial polluters in Washington that they should begin investing in cleaner and more efficient technologies so they can be part of the solution rather than the problem. Also, Washington residents will breathe easier if the governor’s proposals to incentivize the use of electric vehicles, alternative fuels and renewable energy are successful.

“Gov. Inslee’s Carbon Pollution Accountability Act and other proposed policies to cut fossil-fuel emissions may be an uphill battle against some powerful interests, but it’s certainly one worth taking on. The Union of Concerned Scientists urges the Washington Legislature to demonstrate their own courage and commitment to protect Washington’s future and show bold leadership by approving these policies.”

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