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Funding & Financials

We're funded by members and partner foundations, enabling our independent voice.

We're funded by members and partner foundations, enabling our independent voice.

The generosity of our members and foundation partners enabled UCS to maintain financial stability in the last fiscal year, with an operating budget of more than $37 million.

This generous support is critical to our ability to maintain an independent voice. That is why we are proud of the fact that 87 percent of your donations go directly to funding Union of Concerned Scientists program work. Your support enables us to continue developing science-based solutions to help solve our planet's most pressing problems.

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Revenue (2018)

More than 130,000 UCS members contributed 72 percent of our total operating income. We are grateful for this funding as it is a strong vote of confidence in UCS, and a sign of the trust our members have placed in our unique ability to bring the power of independent science to bear on some of the most pressing issues of the day. Support from foundations represented 22 percent of our FY2018 operating budget and provided crucial support throughout our program areas.

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Expenses (2018)

We are proud that 87 percent of our FY2018 expenses supported our direct program work, including our scientific and technical analysis. Careful management helped us limit administrative costs and fund-raising expenses to 13 percent of our total expenditures. We take pride in the fact that UCS continues to allocate as many resources as possible to our critical program work.

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