Two workers install solar panels on a roof
Anthony Eyring/UCS

Power Ahead

We need modern electricity. Our future depends on it.

We need modern electricity. Our future depends on it.

Clean, ultra-low-carbon electricity. A reliable and resilient electricity grid. A thriving energy workforce, and an economy that benefits and includes everyone.

That’s what we’re fighting for, in the states and in Washington, DC—and that’s why we need you.

Clean energy is on the rise. Wind and solar are regularly breaking records, employment is up, and we’ve made modest progress in slowing carbon emissions.

But further progress in the US power sector isn’t certain. Entrenched special interests are lobbying against clean energy policies. An outdated electricity grid is making it harder than it should be to add new renewables. And some of the communities most impacted by climate change aren’t having their voices heard when decisions are made.

We need change. The climate crisis means the transition to a clean energy economy is no longer optional—it’s imperative, and it needs to happen now. You can help.

What we’re doing

  1. Advancing policies that support high levels of renewable energy,
  2. Elevating voices from disproportionately impacted communities,
  3. Fighting misinformation from coal, oil, and gas companies.

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