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Assembled below is a list of recent UCS-driven wins, chronicling the many ways we act at the intersection of science and policy. Each success is made possible through the power of our staff, Science Network, activists, and committed members.

Advised by UCS, Maine Signs Major Renewable Energy Bills

June 2019

With UCS expertise and advocacy—including peer-reviewing a cost-benefit study, providing testimony, and rallying supporters—Maine passed several bills setting clean energy goals that rank among the nation’s most ambitious.

UCS Supports House Vote to Defund Risky Nuclear Warheads

June 2019

UCS held dozens of meetings and mobilized thousands of supporters to ask lawmakers to defund the deployment of low-yield nuclear warheads in the National Defense Appropriation Act. The full House voted to defund.

UCS Pushes, Clean Energy Passes in Washington

May 2019

Washington Governor Jay Inslee passed legislation to transition the state to 100 percent coal-free electricity by 2025 and carbon-free energy by 2045. UCS gave input into the bill’s provisions, provided testimony, and rallied our members to help it pass.

In a Move Long Pushed by UCS, Shell Raises the Bar on Transparency

April 2019

Due in part to UCS advocacy and outreach work, including the Climate Accountability Scorecard, Royal Dutch Shell published a first-ever public series of reports on sustainability, government payments, and their associations with industry groups.

UCS Hosts Third Annual Climate and Energy Lobby Day

April 2019

For our third annual climate and energy lobby day, dozens of UCS members and constituents visited their legislators to advocate for sensible federal climate and energy policies.

New Mexico Passes UCS-Supported Carbon-Free Electricity Bill

March 2019

After years of UCS coalition advocacy and analysis, it's now law in New Mexico that 100 percent of the state’s electricity must come from carbon-free resources by 2045.

Incomplete Military Report under Revision Thanks to UCS Critique

January 2019

A Department of Defense report citing climate change threats to military bases neglected to identify the most at-risk installations; following a UCS critique, members of the House Armed Services Committee demanded a complete report by April 1.

UCS Secures Transparency for Electricity System Decision Process

January 2019

UCS successfully advocated to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions for press access to decisionmaking processes for the New England regional grid.

Nuclear No-First-Use Legislation Gains Support

January 2019

UCS provided evidence and input on policies to reduce the risk of nuclear war with numerous Congressional offices. Now Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) today introduced identical bills in the Senate and House requiring the United States to pledge that it would not be the first nation to use a nuclear weapon.

US Senators Agree to Back Arms Control After UCS Campaign

December 2018

A Senate bill opposing President Trump’s intention to withdraw from the 1987 INF treaty received support via a UCS-authored letter signed by key members of the arms control community; after its circulation, 26 Senators committed their support to the bill.

California Commits to 100 Percent Electric Bus Fleets by 2040

December 2018

After years of UCS analysis and activism—authoring reports on electrifying mass transit, meeting with stakeholders, and rallying public support—California unanimously approved statewide 100 percent zero-emission transit buses by 2040.

As Administration Works to Dismantle Clean Car Standards, Colorado Steps Up

November 2018

Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission took a stand for cleaner air and cars by adopting California’s fuel efficiency standards in November—with help from UCS in the form of testimony, letters of support, and technical resources.

Regional Clean Transportation Plan Built on UCS Support

December 2018

Leaders from nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and Washington, DC, committed to develop a regional policy to reduce transportation emissions and fund a cleaner, modernized transportation system that serves everyone. UCS provided technical analysis, mobilized supporters and experts, and helped build a coalition to support this effort.

A Win for Nuclear Fuel Security

October 2018

UCS has worked for years to halt plans for a “MOX” plant that would turn surplus weapons plutonium into nuclear fuel, arguing that the proposition would increase the risk that weapons useable material could fall into the wrong hands. The Department of Energy has officially terminated this project.

“Restricting Science” Rule Delayed

October 2018

After UCS members and supporters generated 600,000 public comments against it, the EPA has announced that a dangerous proposed rule that would restrict the use of many public health studies in crafting agency policies won’t be implemented yet—giving UCS more time to defeat this anti-science proposal.

California Passes Groundbreaking 100% Clean Energy Bill

September 2018

After rigorous clean-energy analysis from UCS, and critical advocacy from UCS members and partners to get the bill through the Assembly, Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law SB-100, mandating 100% clean energy in California by 2045.

Science Wins in Chemical Disaster Lawsuit

August 2018

A federal court ruled in favor of UCS and community partners, requiring the EPA to stop delaying implementation of the 2017 Chemical Disaster Rule—which will require thousands of chemical facilities across the country to protect adjacent communities, first responders, and workers during accidents and extreme weather.

ExxonMobil leaves Climate-Denying Front Group

July 2018

In response to demands from UCS, other organizations, and its own shareholders, fossil fuel giant ExxonMobil has left the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) over the group’s tactics of sowing disinformation on climate change. It remains to be seen if ExxonMobil will also stop funding multiple other groups that also mislead the public about climate change.

14k UCS Supporters Help Change EPA Policy on Dirty Trucks

July 2018

So-called “glider trucks” are heavy polluters, which is why so many UCS supporters have advocated for limits on their emissions, including 14,000 who contacted EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler and legislators to demand these limits be enforced; Wheeler has agreed.

Following UCS Pressure, Government Releases Suppressed Study

June 2018

After a UCS Freedom of Information Act request turned up evidence that the EPA and the White House deliberately blocked the publication of a study on chemicals in drinking water, we successfully mobilized our network to demand its release.

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