California Governor’s Proposed Budget Continues Historic Investments in Fighting Climate Change

Statement by Jason Barbose, Interim Western States Director at the Union of Concerned Scientists

Published Jan 10, 2022

SACRAMENTO (Jan. 10, 2022)—Gov. Gavin Newsom today released a proposed $286 billion state budget that increases funding for zero-emission vehicles, clean energy and worker transition as California continues to make historic investments in fighting climate change. The new spending is due in part to a multi-billion-dollar surplus for the 2022-23 budget, which takes effect July 1.

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Keeping with Newsom’s pledge to transition California away from fossil-fueled transportation, his budget proposes spending an additional $6.1 billion for zero-emission trucks, buses and cars over the next five years, which would bring the state’s commitment to clean vehicles to $10 billion over six years when added to last year’s $3.9 billion investment.

Building on last year's $15 billion in climate investments, Newsom is proposing an additional $2 billion for clean energy that would provide incentives for long-duration energy storage, electrifying buildings and industrial decarbonization.

As California moves away from fossil fuels, Newsom’s plan also includes funds to help oil and gas workers transition into new careers as well as other workforce investments that focus on climate change.

Below is a statement by Jason Barbose, Interim Western States Director at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

“With the impacts of a rapidly heating climate being felt throughout California, it is gratifying to see that Gov. Newsom recognizes the scale of the crisis by meeting the moment with investments in clean transportation and energy, while also helping workers adapt to an economy that can no longer be reliant on fossil fuels.

“Collectively, society failed to make adequate progress in reducing heat-trapping emissions for more than 30 years. The next 10 years is the most consequential for the future of our planet and Gov. Newsom’s proposed spending plan is the robust response we need to fight climate change.”