California to Invest in Low-Carbon Truck and Bus Technologies

Published Aug 28, 2014

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. (August 28, 2014) — The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) applauds the California Legislature for its passage of a bill that will help to reduce carbon pollution by encouraging more widespread adoption of advanced technologies for heavy-duty vehicles.

California Senate Bill 1204 authorizes the use of proceeds from California’s cap-and-trade carbon allowance auctions to invest in low-carbon truck and bus technologies and programs. It creates the California Clean Truck and Bus Program, which will support the development and deployment of hybrid and electric trucks and buses.

Heavy-duty trucks are responsible for one-fifth of the global warming pollution from the transportations sector in California. While efforts have been made to remove older, polluting trucks from the road, this program invests in the cleanest new technologies to curtail emissions from heavy-duty vehicles.

Below is a statement by Don Anair, Research and Deputy Director of the UCS Clean Vehicles Program:

“This legislation will have particular benefits in low-income communities along major freeway and freight corridors that suffer most from breathing diesel exhaust. The San Joaquin Valley and the Los Angeles Basin, which have some of the most extreme air pollution in the nation, will gain a great deal from this incentive program.

“In addition to tackling global warming pollution, this program will help to cut smog-forming emissions while lowering operating costs for truckers and reducing our overall fuel consumption.

“California should be proud of taking another step on the road to meeting our air quality and climate goals.”