Colorado Joins Clean Car States, Giving a Boost to Standards Facing Trump Administration Attack

Statement by Michelle Robinson, Union of Concerned Scientists

Published Jun 19, 2018

WASHINGTON (June 19, 2018)— Governor John Hickenlooper signed an executive order that will make Colorado the latest state to adopt California’s vehicle emissions standards, joining 13 other states and the District of Columbia in requiring cleaner cars. This is great news for Colorado drivers and a clear sign of the value of the vehicle rules that the Trump administration is now working to dismantle, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

Below is a statement by Michelle Robinson, director of the Clean Vehicles Program at UCS.

“With this executive order, Governor Hickenlooper recognizes that today’s clean car standards are working for consumers and for the climate. According to a UCS analysis from last year, Coloradans have saved at least $550 million thanks to these standards and stand to save hundreds of millions more if these standards remain in place.

“At a time when the Trump administration is attacking both emissions rules and the legal authority of California and other states to set their own standards, it’s encouraging to see Colorado committed to moving forward with cleaner cars. The Trump administration needs to think twice before it upends this successful and effective policy.”