National Research Council Study Points to Success of Auto Standards

Published Jun 18, 2015

Washington (June 18, 2015)—Today, the National Research Center (NRC) of the National Academy of Sciences released a report on technologies to improve the fuel economy of cars and light trucks. According to experts at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), this report shows how smart policies are working to put more efficient cars on the road. The NRC committee that wrote the report largely agrees with the analysis of technologies and costs that the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration used to craft these standards.

Below is a statement from Dr. Dave Cooke, analyst for the Clean Vehicles program at UCS.

“The major findings of this study confirm what we’ve been saying all along—these standards are a realistic way to cut oil use and reduce global warming emissions from vehicles. EPA and NHTSA got it right—automakers are on track to meet, and in many cases are ahead of, the standards. They’ve been investing in technologies that have made cars more efficient than ever, saving consumers money at the pump, thanks in part to strong policies that helped push these technologies out on the road.

“Consumers have more choices for fuel-efficient vehicles than ever. Some of the country’s best-selling cars, SUVs and trucks offer versions with fuel economy that meets standards for 2020 and beyond. The fuel economy and emissions standards have been a big success, and it is important that we maintain them so that consumers can continue to reap the benefits of more fuel efficient cars and trucks. ”