UCS Commends Vox Media Ban on Fossil-Fuel Advertising

Published Jan 6, 2023

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Vox Media confirmed this week the company will no longer accept advertising revenue from fossil-fuel companies or lobbying groups that support fossil-fuel companies. Vox Media owns New York Magazine and Vox, among other widely read publications.

Below is a statement by Kathy Mulvey, the accountability campaign director at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS):

“The end of another year of deadly, costly climate disasters is a stark reminder of the vital role the media plays in informing the public about climate science and climate impacts such as stronger hurricanes, killer heat, extreme flooding, and more devastating wildfires. Investigative journalism has also revealed prevalent climate disinformation campaigns by major fossil-fuel companies including ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron, and Shell. Vox Media’s formal refusal to be complicit in fossil-fuel industry deception and greenwashing, joining The Guardian in avoiding dangerous conflicts of interest, is commendable. Just as the New York Times and other media firms bolstered their public health journalism decades ago by refusing to accept tobacco ads, we expect more and more print and online outlets to side with the realities of climate science over fossil-fuel industry influence.”