UCS Comments on Supreme Court Decision on Demand Response

Statement by Mike Jacobs, Senior Energy Analyst at UCS

Published Jan 25, 2016

WASHINGTON (January 25, 2016)--Below is a statement from Mike Jacobs, senior energy analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) on today's Supreme Court decision regarding demand response, a program that enables grid operators to reduce electricity consumption during peak hours to maintain grid reliability. 


"With this ruling, the Court has given deference to the Federal Energy Regulator Commission on this matter. FERC supervises interstate energy commerce and it's vital that consumer demand be a part of the market to ensure the necessary flexibility. 


"On a broader level, lowering demand when it's at its highest is a useful tool to maintain energy reliability in this era of changing energy supplies as we transition to a clean energy economy. Giving consumers more control over their electricity services means consumer savings, better grid reliability, and fewer harmful emissions from fossil-based electricity."