Washington Governor Announces Climate Action Plan

Press Statement by Adrienne Alvord, Western States Director at the Union of Concerned Scientists

Published Apr 30, 2014


BERKELEY (April 29, 2014)—Washington Gov. Jay Inslee today signed an executive order to pursue actions that will reduce carbon pollution and enable the state to meet its climate goals. His proposals include the use of cleaner sources of transportation fuels and electricity as well as more energy efficient buildings.

The climate action plan announced by Gov. Inslee, which will require legislative approval and funding, empowers a Carbon Emissions Reduction Task Force to provide recommendations on how Washington can design and implement a market-based carbon pollution program. The plan also directs state agencies to work with utilities to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the use of electrical power produced by coal. 

By law, Washington is obligated to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon, to 1990 levels by 2020.

Below is a statement from Adrienne Alvord, Western States Director at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS):

“The Union of Concerned Scientists applauds Gov. Inslee for taking a bold and courageous stand against climate change. Today, Gov. Inslee outlined an ambitious but clearly achievable set of objectives that UCS believes will help make Washington a leader in climate action and low-carbon energy development.

“Governor Inslee’s proposal to reduce carbon emissions from transportation makes great sense since it is a major source of carbon emissions in Washington. Also, his plan to reduce reliance on coal will result in cleaner air and less climate disruption.

“Governor Inslee's courageous action to address climate change in Washington State should be an example to other U.S. governors. He laid out the reasons for his proposals that should be heeded by us all — love of the places where we live and for our children, as well as the challenge and opportunity to be moral, economic, and creative leaders for good in the world. 

“UCS is especially gratified that Gov. Inslee highlighted the need for near-term action, and for his focus on the benefits that climate policies will bring to the citizens of Washington. UCS encourages Washington legislators to seriously consider these proposals and take action to implement these policies.”