We Stand in Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

We Condemn the Trump Administration’s Dangerous Rhetoric and Actions

Published Jun 3, 2020

In support of ongoing protests and in response to the Trump administration’s violent rhetoric and unacceptable and unconstitutional threat to use military force against the people of the United States exercising their first amendment rights, the Union of Concerned Scientists issued the following statement:

We condemn the racism that persists in the United States and the racist actions of the Trump administration, which are literally killing Black and brown people across the country.

We stand for our democracy, our Constitution, and our first amendment rights.

We stand in solidarity with those who are risking their lives to challenge injustice.

We condemn the Trump administration's slide toward autocracy and its flagrant abuses of power.

We condemn the use of police and military violence against unarmed and peaceful protestors.

We condemn the targeting of Black, Indigenous, and other people of color; journalists; and those who stand up against police brutality and violence.

We call on police to respect and protect the rights of protesters and journalists.

We call on the military to adhere to their oaths of enlistment and office to uphold the Constitution and protect our country, and to stand down if ordered to suppress protests through violent action.

We call on governors and city leaders to protect their community members and refuse federal military intervention to suppress rightful protests.

We call on Congress and policymakers of conscience, of all political parties, to stand up for our democracy and uphold their oath of office by speaking out against and taking steps to counter the president’s dangerous and unconstitutional actions.

We call on our supporters, allies, partners, and friends to speak out, to protest, and to act together in this fight against racism, autocracy and abuse of power, and the Trump administration’s dangerous and threatening actions against our democracy and the people of our nation.