Ashley Siefert Nunes

Climate and Energy Media Manager

Ashley Siefert Nunes works with print and broadcast media to promote local, state, national, and international climate work by UCS, and has been attending the United Nations’ international climate change talks since 2015. UCS reports Ms. Siefert Nunes has worked on include: "The US Military on the Front Lines of Rising Seas," "When Rising Seas Hit Home," "Underwater," and "Killer Heat."

Before joining UCS in 2014, Ms. Siefert Nunes worked as a legislative aide and communication specialist in the Wisconsin State Legislature. Her past efforts include fielding a high volume of media requests and responding to tens of thousands of phone calls and emails when Wisconsin became embroiled in a battle over the right of workers to negotiate on wages and working conditions, which resulted in large-scale protests and led the Wisconsin State Senate’s Democratic Caucus to leave the state for weeks in February and March 2011.

Ms. Siefert Nunes earned her J.B.A. in journalism, her B.A. in political science, and certificates in European studies and European Union studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She can be reached at +1 202-331-5666 or [email protected].