Danielle Fox

Science Network Organizing Manager

Danielle Fox is the Science Network Organizing Manager at the Union of Concerned Scientists. As campaign manager, Danielle develops and implements campaigns for advocates, partners, and scientists to protect and promote the role of science in democratic dialogue, and the policy making process. She also manages the UCS Science Network, which offers scientists and technical experts training, resources, and engagement opportunities to bring their distinct expertise to the public.

Prior to joining UCS, she worked as the research director for the Massachusetts State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Service, which spearheaded substantive policy reforms for pension and healthcare coverage. Danielle was also the national student program coordinator for Physicians for Human Rights, where she built a network of more than 75 medical and public health student chapters and coordinated campaigns for students and medical residents to advocate for health and human rights policy.

She earned a master’s in public affairs from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a B.A. in international development and social change from Clark University.