Delta Merner

Lead Scientist, Science Hub for Climate Litigation

Media Contact

Delta Merner is the lead scientist for the Science Hub for Climate Litigation at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, she provides timely, scientific evidence to support legal cases that hold fossil fuel companies accountable for climate-related damages. Dr. Merner reviews legal communications for scientific accuracy, connects legal teams with technical experts, and leads trainings for scientists working at the intersection of climate science and law. Prior to joining UCS, she was a senior scientist at the American Institute of Physics, where she most recently conducted a global survey measuring the gender gap in science.

Dr. Merner earned a PhD in geography and environmental systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She also holds bachelor of science degrees in geography and environmental science and policy from Clark University. Dr. Merner has been quoted in ABC News, the Financial Times, the Lancet, NPR, and has written for The Hill and Scientific American.

Watch Delta Merner talk about climate action on Al Jazeera.

Selected publications

Wentz, Jessica, Delta Merner, Benjamin Franta, Alessandra Lehmen, Peter C. Frumhoff. 2022. Research Priorities for Climate Litigation. Earth's Future.

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