Elizabeth Irvin

Senior Transportation Analyst

Elizabeth Irvin is a senior transportation analyst in the Clean Transportation program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, she analyzes and advocates for actions that governments, companies, and individuals can take to make transportation more sustainable and equitable. She has particular expertise in assessing how emerging transportation technologies and business models, such as automated vehicles, ride hailing, and scooters, as well as pricing policies and innovations in public transit are affecting how people get around in urban areas.

Elizabeth began her career at UCS as an outreach associate, mobilizing consumers, scientists and engineers to support stronger fuel economy standards, and increasing awareness of hybrid and electric vehicles. Prior to returning to UCS, Elizabeth worked as a transportation planner at Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning during the development of the region’s long-range plan through the year 2050, analyzing trends in how people move around the Chicago region, evaluating impacts of proposed transportation investments, and preparing for a future affected by emerging transportation technologies. She then worked as transportation director at the Center for Neighborhood Technology, where she focused on analyzing the ways transportation policies, transit, and emerging technologies like ride hailing and electric scooters can reduce or exacerbate unequal access to employment, affordable housing, and other everyday needs.

She earned a Master in City Planning degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a BA in music and English from Williams College.