Eryn MacDonald

Analyst, Global Security Program

Eryn MacDonald
Media Contact

Eryn MacDonald, an analyst with the Global Security Program since December 2011, is an expert in international security, arms control and nonproliferation, U.S.-China relations, and East Asian security. She has a master’s degree in government from Cornell University, where she wrote a master’s thesis on Chinese space weapons policy.

Between her graduate work at Cornell and graduating from Dartmouth with a bachelor’s degree in government, Ms. MacDonald spent four years as a program assistant with the UCS Global Security Program. Just before returning to UCS, she coordinated internships for the International Science and Technology Initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Selected publications

MacDonald, E. 2017: Whose Finger is on the Button? Union of Concerned Scientists

Coyle P., Fetter S., Gronlund L., MacDonald E. and Young S., 2014: Making Smart Security Choices: The Future of the US Nuclear Weapons Complex. 2013. Union of Concerned Scientists. Union of Concerned Scientists