Lilly Adams

Senior Outreach Coordinator

Lilly Adams is a Senior Outreach Coordinator for the Global Security Program.

Media Contact

Ms. Adams works on nuclear weapons policy and outreach with a focus on supporting nuclear frontline community members impacted by the testing and production of nuclear weapons.

She is the co-founder of Nuclear Voices, which seeks to amplify nuclear frontline communities and issues of nuclear justice, and serves as a member of the Board of Directors at the Arms Control Association.

Ms. Adams is a 2019 alumna of IGCC’s Public Policy and Nuclear Threats Boot Camp, and previously ran the anti-nuclear weapons program at Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. Before that, she worked as a community organizer with groups including CALPIRG, Food & Water Watch, Students Against Fracking, and Corporate Accountability International, and completed a year-long training program with Green Corps, the School for Environmental Organizing.

She earned a Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley in Society and Environment.

Ms. Adams is a widely-quoted expert on nuclear weapons justice and nuclear frontline communities. She has appeared on The Young Turks, the Press the Button podcast, and National Geographic.