Macky McCleary



Macky McCleary is a Director in the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure practice at Guidehouse. He is a proven utility, insurance, and environmental regulator, a clean energy entrepreneur, and a transformation and organization leader. Trained as an architect at Yale University and a consultant at McKinsey & Co., Macky drives innovation for his clients in the converging industry sectors of energy, finance, telecom, government, infrastructure and transportation. He has combined expertise in strategy, operations, branding, consumer and behavioral insights and business development.

Prior to joining Guidehouse, Macky was a partner with Innogy Consulting, an energy-focused consultancy, with operations in Central Europe, the United States, United Kingdom, and Middle East. Before Innogy, Macky oversaw the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers for the state of Rhode Island, overseeing regulations on electricity, water, wireless and broadband, private transportation and sewer systems. He has also led regulatory agencies in the insurance, banking, gaming, and environment industries. Macky has a strong background in consulting, having worked with McKinsey & Co. for five years in the areas of corporate and commercial strategy, environment, and public policy. Prior to joining McKinsey, Macky was Co-founder, President and COO of EmPower Solar, a clean energy and alternative fuels development and consulting company, where he remains a senior advisor.