Sam Gomberg

Manager, Transmission Policy

Media Contact

Sam Gomberg is a transmission policy manager with the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists who works on clean energy integration and modern grid issues. With more than ten years of experience analyzing, advocating for, and implementing solutions to achieve a low-carbon electricity sector, Sam has developed an extensive understanding of clean energy’s potential, and the challenges to its widespread adoption by utilities and consumers. In his role at UCS, Sam has published numerous reports, including analyses of the economic and technical feasibility of transitioning our electricity sector away from its current overreliance on fossil fuel resources. He also has an extensive understanding of regulatory and policy approaches to maintaining affordable, reliable electricity throughout ongoing clean energy transition.

Before joining the UCS office in Washington, DC, Sam was the Lead Energy Analyst for the UCS Midwest office in Chicago, IL, leading state and regional clean energy efforts in Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, and before the Mid-Continent Independent System Operator (MISO). Prior to that, Sam worked as the Tennessee Valley Energy Policy Manager for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, engaging with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) on its integrated resource planning efforts and preparing Congressional testimony to the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee with direct oversight responsibilities.

Sam holds a B.S. in environmental science from the University of Florida, a master’s degree in environmental management from Duke University, and a Juris Doctor from Lewis and Clark School of Law. He has been quoted in AOL News, the Detroit Metro Times, the Detroit News, EcoWatch, the Seattle Times, and other local outlets.

Selected publications

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