Food and Environment

Working to transform the US food system through research, analysis, advocacy, and collaboration.

The Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists is a team of scientists, analysts and advocates committed to building a food system that provides affordable, healthy food for all, builds diverse, sustainable farm ecosystems, and is fair to farmers, workers, and eaters.

F&E conducts research and analysis in agricultural science, public health, and economics, uses that work to support a science-based vision for a better US food system, and advocates for policies that can help move that vision forward. The program's recent work has ranged from showing how agroecologically informed practices can make farm landscapes more climate-resilient to advocating for robust implementation of evidence-based standards in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

F&E also partners with other organizations in the food system reform movement, such as the HEAL Alliance and the Good Food for All Collaborative, to bring a wider range of expertise, resources, and relationships to the task of transforming the system.