Our Advocates

Jason Barbose

Western States Policy Manager

Jason advocates for UCS’s policy priorities in California and other western states. He meets with government officials, builds partnerships with allies, and helps manage legislative and regulatory campaigns to advance UCS priorities on climate change, energy, and transportation issues. Prior to...

Vehicles Campaign Coordinator
Katherine Catalano is the Campaign Coordinator for the Clean Vehicles program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Kate Cell

Climate Campaign Manager
Kate works with UCS members, supporters, activists, and experts to build support for the campaign efforts of the Climate and Energy program.
Nancy Cole

Director of Campaigns and Operations, Climate & Energy
Nancy Cole is the campaign director for UCS's Climate & Energy Program.
Jessica Collingsworth

Lead Midwest Energy Policy Analyst/Advocate
Jessica Collingsworth is the lead energy policy analyst with expertise in state-level policies that curb global warming emissions through greater use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Midwest Campaign Specialist

David Combs is the Midwest outreach specialist for the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). He builds coalitions and partnerships among UCS members and other groups to push for United States leadership on nuclear weapons issues. Prior to joining UCS David...

Director of Government Affairs, Climate & Energy Program
Rob Cowin is director of government affairs for the Climate & Energy program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Science Network Sr. Outreach Coordinator
Shreya Durvasula is the Science Network senior campaign coordinator for the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Campaign Coordinator

Camilo Esquivia-Zapata is an outreach coordinator with the Climate...

Eleanor Fort

Vehicles Campaign Manager
Eleanor Fort engages members, activists, and experts to advance the UCS Clean Vehicles program and the Half the Oil initiative.


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