NOAA Fisheries is Restricting the Use of the Words “COVID-19” and “Pandemic”

Published Jul 8, 2020

What happened: An official memo, issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries, stated that the agency’s “preferred approach” is making “no reference to anything COVID related” in public-facing documents. Agency staff can only directly mention COVID-19 or the pandemic on an “extremely limited basis” and it requires the approval of leadership.

Why it matters: Censoring language on the COVID-19 pandemic hinders the ability of scientists to speak to the public about the worst health crisis faced in a century. This sets a dangerous precedent of restricting scientific communication on the pandemic when the public needs this information to protect their health and safety. For NOAA Fisheries, this could thwart science-based communication about the seafood industry, marine ecosystems, and coastal communities when the pandemic is in the process of threating food supply chains and causing outbreaks on fishing vessels.

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