Breathe In the Smog, Drink In the Lead

A Grim, Scary Tale for People Who Care About Kids

Published Feb 11, 2020

Happy, healthy kids with clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, good food to eat, and safe toys to play with: that's the way it should be. But thanks to some not-so-nice-men in Washington, DC, that's not the way it is.

Breathe In the Smog, Drink In the Lead looks like a children's book, but it's not for children. It tells the story, in verse and pictures, of how kids are harmed when people in power sideline science in favor of greed.

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The science behind the story

In an accompanying report, Endangering Generations, we’ve laid out the evidence supporting the book's messages, showing how the Trump administration has put children in harm's way on a long list of issues, including exposure to lead, asbestos, and other toxins, as well as consumer product safety, climate change, food insecurity, and family separation.

Let's act now, for kids

Breathe In the Smog, Drink In the Lead is a grim, scary tale—but we can flip the script by taking action. We've put together a long list of resources for adults who want to help protect kids’ health and safety by restoring science to its rightful place in decisionmaking.

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