Disinformation Playbook Stories

Published Apr 4, 2018

Counterfeiting science. Manufacturing uncertainty. Buying credibility. These are some of the tricks that unscrupulous businesses employ to evade responsibility for the harm caused by their products or practices. We call these tactics the Disinformation Playbook.

Here are stories from people who have felt the effects of the Disinformation Playbook firsthand—and are taking action to stop it.

Photo: Johnny Silvercloud/CC BY-SA 2.0 (Flickr)

Get familiar with the Disinformation Playbook

Learn more about the Disinformation Playbook and how it applies to these stories, as well as more examples of malicious tactics used to undermine science

There are many things we can do to keep the Disinformation Playbook from sidelining science and disabling democracy. It’s a team effort: scientists, science supporters, public officials, journalists, and companies themselves all have a role to play. Find out more on our Stopping the Playbook page.

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