Hold Corporations Accountable for Climate Deception

Published Jun 29, 2015

An in-depth analysis of eight leading fossil fuel companies finds that none of them has made a clean break from disinformation on climate science and policy. Read the Climate Accountability Scorecard

It's time to hold the corporations behind the climate deception accountable for their actions and for the harm of their products. Join the call to stop climate disinformation by telling one or more of these companies that the decades of deception must stop. Click on the logos below to take action:

ExxonMobil continues to misrepresent climate change by casting doubt on its accuracy in public statements, even though their own scientists confirm the science. Tell ExxonMobil to come clean—it's time to stop spreading climate science disinformation and face reality.

Chevron funds the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)—an industry group responsible for spreading climate disinformation. While other oil and gas companies have left ALEC, citing its position as climate change as the reason, Chevron continues to fund and take on leadership positions within ALEC. Tell Chevron to stop funding front groups that distort or deny climate change.

As a major oil company that recognizes the climate risks of burning fossil fuels and remains a member of the US Chamber of Commerce's board of directors, ConocoPhillips has a particular responsibility to speak out against the US Chamber's harmful opposition to climate science. Tell ConocoPhillips to speak out against climate deception.

Shell has recently taken positive steps in standing up for climate science. But it's not enough. They still support groups that spread climate disinformation and block action like the American Petroleum Institute, the leading oil industry association, and the Western States Petroleum Association. Urge Shell to stop funding oil industry front groups that spread climate disinformation.

BP has taken some positive steps recently, such as ending their funding of a leading group spreading climate disinformation, and supporting a shareholder resolution to be more transparent about climate risks. But, it's not enough. Tell BP it's also time to publicly distance itself from the deceptive behavior of the American Petroleum Institute and the Western States Petroleum Association. Tell BP to take more steps to stop supporting climate disinformation.

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