Meet New Podcast Host Jess Phoenix

Published Jan 31, 2023

In her final interview, Colleen MacDonald passes the mic to Jess Phoenix, a geologist and author of “Ms. Adventure.”


Editing: Omari Spears
Additional editing and music: Brian Middleton
Research and writing: Pamela Worth
Executive producer: Rich Hayes
Host: Colleen MacDonald

Timing and cues

Opener (0:00-0:19)
Intro (0:19-2:35)
Interview part 1 (2:35-13:22)
Break (13:22-13:39)
Interview part 2 (13:39-23:41)
End segment throw (23:42-23:45)
End segment (23:45-27:44)
Outro (27:44-29:00)